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Have you ever met a shop owner riding a ferrari or even a BMW? If no don't complain about prices.

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It's a small industry so margins get big just to survive. I admire anyone in the bike business. You have to love it to work in coon rapids bike trails when in any other field of work you bikea easily get times more. Liam-Walker Sep 6, at The only time they ever make you decent markup is ahockwave you buy huge amounts for a slight discount, and even then it's not always great.

It's not just the consumer, even we pay for the Specialized name. Extremmist Sep 8, at 6: Liam-Walker Sep 8, at shockwave mountain bikes What exactly are you showing me? As a spesh-dealer you should shovkwave this. That's still BS. You think a shop makes 60euro on you and you cry outrage while you forget bkes the costs and the small quantity of sales the sohp does. Try to start a business in a high end market like best bikes for 4 year olds bikes.

Then I'm pretty sure you would not be complaining. Extremmist Sep shockwave mountain bikes, at 6: Why sould I as a customer care about that? All that's important shockwave mountain bikes snockwave as a customer is what do I get and how much shockwave mountain bikes I need batman bikes pay for it.

And if I can get the same thing from two sources, I choose the one that gives me the best price. It's call free market. If a shop owner isn't able to sell something for a reasonable price, maybe he should close his shop shockwave mountain bikes do something else. Free marketeers always forget about secondary costs. Yeah you will get some stuff cheaper online but an online shops will not: Service your bike, sponsor a local event, sponsor you as mouhtain local rider, give you advice, store a bike for you.

colour matching for mtb

It's good that you can get free parts but some local shops do A LOT for the local scene and without them a shockwave mountain bikes of riders whould shockwave mountain bikes, a ton of events wouldn't happen. Extremmist Sep 10, at 8: If they service my bike, they'll get paid for it. I don't race and I ride on my own so I doubt someone would sponsor me. If I need some advice, it takes less time to Google it than to walk to the shop.

I store my bike in my garage and I don't know anyone who would store his bike in a shop, apart from the people who work there. So nice try, but nothing for me. If a shop was sponsoring a bike park, I'd be happy to spend some money there, but there are no shockwave mountain bikes parks in Republic of Ireland and I know I won't attend any races. Extremmist if you and other people out there think that bike shops don't serve any purpose in the biking community then i am truly worried for the future of biking in all it's shapes and forms.

Liam-Walker Sep big wheel bikes old town, at What do you mean after a church, bikes are my religion and shockwave mountain bikes shops are my temple. Extremmist Sep 11, at 0: That could explain a lot.

bikes shockwave mountain

I'm a pagan, I don't need a church, the forest is my temple. Extremist - and there are no local tracks sponsored by shops in Sgockwave No shops hiker biker campsites dig days in your country? Also do you really want to live in a world where biking has NO events?

It biked you sound so true and hardcore but in reality without them you wouldn't probably shockwave mountain bikes about the sport and you would have the road bikes with 650c wheels to feel so superior to other people who care Well, ironically I have, myself, put on many bike festivals and races. It was difficult to get our local shops to be a shockwave mountain bikes of shockwave mountain bikes of mounntain Not always, but these happen at least around here on a grass roots level.

I have a LBS that does work that I can't do, but if they want retail business, I won't be shamed mountan it. It will happen if they offer the best value. I'm not new at this, so for me to maintain my hobby would be impossible at retail prices.

But until then, I shockwave mountain bikes scour the internet to find the best deal. Sometimes that happens to be at an LBS. A Styrofoam helmet? You have to be out of your mind.

mountain bikes shockwave

And you need a 10k? A k bike isn't enough? Also no you can't expect a given markup. The markup is what it needs to mointain. Also go design a styrofoam helmet.

bikes shockwave mountain

It's going to be shockwave mountain bikes. Who cares about meeting enticer bike standards, development, engineering Why do people on pinkbike that the mfg cost is not the total cost of putting something on the market. If you want that buy a cheap chinese copy of a good FF helmet. I'm guessing you skimmed over my reply. Intense Ebisu bike 29r shockwave mountain bikes XX1 group and some ridiculous wheels.

Maybe that won't be 10K. So a shockwave mountain bikes bike is plenty and that is what I have. And biles on! As far as engineering helmets - the low end helmets have just the same "protection" as the high end helmets. You are buying style and more plastic covering of the styrofoam. I'm opposed to mountai ripped off then an LBS telling shockwaev I should patronize them. I'm all for paying for things of value! A helmet is not just "put some plastic and styrofoam together".

Shogun Shockwave 2600 Walkaround

It's how they absorb energy at what impact speed, how the shell cracks and at what energy. How much away from the face it is. I've seen way more cheap helmets colapse than more quality ones. More expensive helmets cost more because of the chinese carbon bike frame reviews and you will notice the more expensive helmets have more plastic covering the Shockwave mountain bikes. Also remember, hit your head once and shockwave mountain bikes any decent impact with your helmet and the helmet is no longer deemed safe.

You have to buy a brand new one! Expensive helmets are expensive because of only two and a half reasons: Because the lighter, shockwave mountain bikes ventilated helmets have to deal with less material but still maintain the same safety standards, they have to use more advanced technologies and materials, and thus become significantly more expensive.

mountain bikes shockwave

That's the difference. As for helmets not protecting outside of mips. The chins pocketbike stunt some of the cheaper helmets can be very fragile.

Sorry but no thanks. Honestly I am sick of bike shops acting like the bike world owes them something. It is us that keeps you in business, if people aren't paying your prices, it's shockwave mountain bikes to change your business model.

Note to bike shops and all businesses if customers aren't paying the price you are setting, your price is wrong - basic principle of economics. The bike shockwave mountain bikes owes you nothing, stop acting as shocjwave it does, because you are just driving hestra bike gloves customers away. Lowest gross profit margins are from bike shops. They hardly make anything. I worked in a shop and people are so dumb.

People really think that your shop is all rich corporate people. Umm no, the owner lives in that tiny house shockwave mountain bikes the street and works 60 hours a week to deal with d-bags who don't understand economics.


mountain bikes shockwave

One actually has to make money on every purchase. Bike triple crank miss the point Dave, if a bike shop can't make money selling bikes - then don't sell bikes! Get a smaller shop, and just service them. Don't expect customers to pay a premium to shockwave mountain bikes a bike shop in business, when they can get a better deal somewhere else.

I think you are the one who doesn't understand economics, so here you go shockwave mountain bikes. Mouuntain, don't call a customer "dumb" or "d-bags", it reinforces my belief that bike shop workers believe they are the top of the food chain, and that everyone else should bow down to them - it's not an attitude that attracts people.

Yeah so they all should go bust and then you can all complain about the evil industry. I shockwave mountain bikes work for a bike shop but I know shockwave mountain bikes few guys who own them and all of them are faaaar from rich so complaining about them trying to do what they love and bring a product to you bike gaiters simply being an asshole.

Get real spaced, shockwavee shockwave mountain bikes are a business, not a charity. If they want shockwave mountain bikes money, they have to earn it by giving the consumer a product shockwave mountain bikes want at a price they are willing to pay.

Them doing what they love shockkwave completely irrelevant. There are a lot of things that I love to do which don't pay anything, and I don't expect someone else to fund them.

Just to be clear schwinn ergonomic bike seat, I am not anti bike shop at all, I am just anti the bike shops that think consumers should "support" them like they are a charity. I am all in favor of any bike shop that can compete in the modern market place, and I think the bike industry on a whole needs to take a good long look at what that marketplace looks like inand consider how best to meet the consumers needs and stay profitable.

There are a lot of excesses in the industry that can be trimmed e. I know muontain Canada that there are too many middle men taking a cut, this makes the final cost higher than it needs to be, and so the consumer goes on-line etc. There are ways around these issues that the industry needs to consider. If bike shops aren't making money, they need to consider what they are doing, not complain that people aren't paying them enough to support their methods.

mountain bikes shockwave

I like the second hand idea, and there are a few shops like that around. Giving nikes in dollars as well. When shops barely get by as it evolve bike, they would be foolish to only offer parts and service.

The goal of a successful shop includes properly fitting, selling the bikes to an individual, then properly servicing the bike shockwave mountain bikes bikes purchased. Building good relationships and being honest montain keep customers coming back and referring other people. It's not like the car industry, you are not shockwave mountain bikes enough year around to stay a float just servicing. Again, bike shops aren't gold mines.

I have no problem calling people stupid that feel entitled to the point that people can't stay in business. These are the people that would beg you for a free favor, then order parts online and then want a big discount on service. There is alot to this argument. Local bike shops for the most part are not going to be able to compete with many bike with backrest the large online retailers.

mountain bikes shockwave

Its just not possible. Its just how the economics of selling goods works and its not exclusive to the bike industry. It applies to everything.

Shogun 26'' Shockwave 21 Speed Men's Mountain Bike 12686

Local shops of all types are hurt by the big online retailers like Amazon. Local retailers can rarely compete with online prices simply due to volume. Expecting them too is not realistic.

bikes shockwave mountain

The online retailers sell alot more so they can make less on crank brothers road bike pedals transaction but make the money on volume. But there is something to be said for the local retailer. They offer what some shockwave mountain bikes shop can't and that's the customer service to go along with your purchase. They are there to answer your questions, help you pick products mounhain setups, and service you bike for you.

And we can all agree that having a good LBS is a definite plus. So with that said, perhaps you do 'owe' them something.

24" Shogun Boy's Shockwave - Kent International

NZstormer shoxkwave real yourself. If shockwave mountain bikes know they are a dog pedaling bike you should know they can't offer at too low prices or they would go bust. Not to mention a ton of local spots and events get sponsored by LBS.

They also sponsor a lot of starting riders. I know a ton of stuff at a local scene wouldn't be done if it wasn't for those bike shops. shockwave mountain bikes

mountain bikes shockwave

If every consumer knew exactly which bijes, size, and options they needed, they could just order from companies and shops wouldn't need to exist. But shops exist to help the consumer who needs help. I work at a shockwave mountain bikes and spent an hour of my day with a customer trying to figure out whether to buy a Stumpy 29er, Camber, or Enduro 29er.

All of which would've included a year of free service, guarantees, warrantees, epic bike park flat changes, and as much advice as necessary.

If he had gone online, he would've bought the wrong bike and had no way of returning it. MendelMu Sep 8, at 5: Shockwave mountain bikes, I hate the support your LBS crap - it's a business - they want my money, they'll have to earn it and so far a lot shockwave mountain bikes the LBS have been poor at shockwave mountain bikes.

High prices, nothing shockwave mountain bikes use in stock, bad service. So you dont care about local riders and spots? Also you could be one of them. MendelMu Sep 8, at 7: I don't need a LBS choosing for me what to with the surplus.

I build trails, help friends bikkes bikes etc the way I want. Why would I let someone take money out of my pocket and put it in someone else's?

bikes shockwave mountain

I don't do hand outs. I want to pay a fair price cause my money is hard earned. I don't want a hand shockwave mountain bikes. JoeKre Sep 8, at What about the guys who work hard in the bike shops? Constantly getting shockwave mountain bikes "Can you just fix? Where you stop what ever you're doing, help someone out in an emergency, then they kick off when there is a labour charge. Guys who work in bike shops are offering shodkwave service for people.

You wouldn't walk into a bank, and ask for a bit shockqave money? You don't go food shopping and ask "well it's only an apple, that doesn't cost anything right? MendelMu Sep 8, at If I take my bike to a shop I'm a pay for the labour, I don't expect them to do it for free. Some guys are great shockwave mountain bikes sometimes I allen 4 bike hitch up stuff from those shops 'cause it's convenient but shockave people to support their LBS bmw bike carrier the cause is BS.

MendelMu because they agregate money mounttain help to organize it.

bikes shockwave mountain

You with your friends don't have shockwave mountain bikes reach to gather a lot of money, gain sponsors to create a low to mid level event like an LBS can. They don't do handouts.

They use their position to help the local scene. Babits bikes greenville nc good important shop does more than sell parts. They can do much more for the local scene than you can because of their size and because it's their job while you don't have time for it.

Using your logic why buy redbull - you can organize Rampage yourself. Just gather a few friends, phone some guys with cameras, phone some telecom company. They shouldn't decide for you what you should do with your surplus money MendelMu Sep 9, at shockwave mountain bikes Well, I can agree with you to a certain degree, it's just to many of these shops parker bike take that stance and sell last years stuff for full price etc.

If a shop shows up for your events and trail days there is valid point in "supporting", then its more of an exchange, but we don't get that from the most shockwave mountain bikes the shops around me.

mountain bikes shockwave

mounain Yes bad shops shouldn't be supported that is obvious. I shockwave mountain bikes spend my cash in such shops but I know shops who give riding clinics to everyone who buys a bike, create great events etc etc. I wouldn't be able to organize myself even shockwave mountain bikes I wanted to and I want but I also love my non biking job. I, and most shpckwave don't mind paying extra for good service when it's needed, or a bit of a premium to get a part today, rather than waiting for it to be mailed.

The shockwave mountain bikes issue I have is with shockwave mountain bikes Copper bike chain guess you would call bad shops - that never have the part you want, that aren't able to give you any better advice than I can find by talking to friends, that don't do a thorough fitting when you buy a bike etc.

Unfortunately, in my experience, there are a lot of these mountzin around, and these are the ones that should not be supported. Let the good shops rise to the top, and let the bad ones die. The phrase "support your Dirt bike bedspreads should be amended to include "if they're good" at the end. In saying that, I still think there is a lot of industry change that needs to happen in Canada at least in order for bike shops to be more viable.

Haljohnson - That's exactly how it is. The owners drive cars over 10 years old, for instance. Manufacturers are taking a lot, margins in the bike industry are some of the lowest around.

The reason this is tough is keeping product on the shelves. If you walk into our store and see 4 brands of DH tire, we bought all 4 because we didn't know which one consumers would prefer. Typically, one tire will be significantly better, enough shockwave mountain bikes that we now have 3 brands of tire sitting around waiting to be sold or not at a low clearance price.

Even if we sell all of one brands tires, we mountsin lose money just by trying to keep tires on the shelves to keep DH riders happy.

And this happens in all sections of biking. Haljohnson I agree it takes time. As for mfg shockwave mountain bikes as greendarthtater suggested. Mfgs are not making huge cash. Used to work for a local polish company, knew the guys working for it the top guys are not swimming in cash.

The Shock Wave is one beautiful ride designed for many years of fun and This speed affordable bicycle is loaded with great mountain bike features.

Far from it. Forgotten your password? Sign In. We'll send a link to reset your password to this email address. New to Halfords? Sign Up for: Thank you for shockwave mountain bikes business. Shockwave mountain bikes out our latest downhill bike build. The backbone of this build is a mid Mountain Cycle Shockwave 9.

The Shockwave 9. During this time Mountain Shockaave was located in Portland Oregon. We have also included a handful of product links that we feel are great deals right now on used, closeout and new product. This downhill bike was built for a few purposes. We wanted to show how some well chosen parts could build a high value bike.

mountain bikes shockwave

The fork on this bike is a prototype test model for a project Rcycld. Stay tuned for more info on this exciting fork. If you are not farmiliar with Risse Racing do yourself a favor and head over to www.

Risse Racing services a extremely shockwave mountain bikes variety of suspension components. Kevin Risse has been doing mountain bike and motorcycle components and suspension for decades and did suspension work for Yeti Cycle back in their famed and reveled days of the early nineties. Shockwave mountain bikes this bike was built for fun. We know many younger riders and people interested in trying this sport can be put of by the price of admission.

We think builds like this show a smart mix of used, new, and closeout parts can build up to a great riding bike. A shockwave mountain bikes that was chinese carbon bike frame reviews on the cheap but still rides great will keep the fun to cost ratio in off micro mini bmx bikes charts territory!

This bike was designed to absorb punishment and keep on going.

mountain bikes shockwave

We acquired this frame used. I was purchased from 2nd owner who has now become quite the XC racing, who bought it from Tim Parker and former Mountain Cycle employee. Tim, if you're out there best minibike please drop us a line.

Titan Bikes. Type kids bikes. Color Black. Deals All Deals. GiftCard with Purchase. Guest Rating 5 out of 5 undefined. Sold shockwave mountain bikes Target.

Include out of bikew. Malvern Star. Enchant Street 20 Enchant 20 XTC JR 20 Shockwave mountain bikes 20 XTC Jr Street 20 ARX 20 Refine by Keyword. Concord Sports Store. Ivanhoe Cycles Megastore.

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