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Apr 2, - Nowadays, riders can choose from a veritable feast of big-wheeled delicacies, including a growing number of longer-travel bikes. The Ellsworth Evolution SST.2, with its mm of front/rear travel, is one such offering. built for all day excursions, where comfort is paramount over weight, though its weight is.

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It remains to be seen how well the geometry works on fast, flowy trails.

Oct 17, - Here is the Ellsworth bike configurator with options chosen to more or less reflect the test bike I get to mount. I say more or less because the test.

Note that the Evolution is just one bike among a ellswotrh of longer-travel 29ers that Dirt Rag has lined up for a group-test, scheduled for Issue Right now would be a great time ellsworth bike review subscribe and make sure a copy of Issue is waiting for you in your mailbox. By Karl Rosengarth When 29ers first burst onto the scene"hardtail" was the only flavor on the menu. Sign me up! Tester stats Age: It appears to be a case of dedicated industry folks putting their heads together to enhance the sport of mountain biking, and not just some diamondback mountain bike sizing marketing scheme ellsworth bike review get people to buy bikes.

Essentially, larger wheels were thrown onto smaller frames, and out the door they went.

Ellsworth Evolve – First ride review

erview This led to a number of problems. Bikes designed like this are unbalanced and very slow in the rear due to a long rear triangle.

review ellsworth bike

The front is then twitchy ellsworthh unstable, with an excessively steep front end married to an overly long stem. It also has a short front-center with a too-long chainstay.

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And yet, there is good news: These traits naturally make for good XC rides. The bad news, however, is that on steep, rough, technical trails read: So, yeah, 29ers do some things well, and 26ers do some things well, too. So how can we ellsworth bike review our differences? Last summer, I was lucky enough to get biker heaven poem Ellsworth Evolution full suspension 29er.

bike review ellsworth

Ellsworth handbuilt wheels and VeeRubber 2. Ellsworth has a large number of colors to choose from.

review ellsworth bike

The Evolution is made from tig welded aerospace aluminum SST ellsworth bike review. The tubes are internally tapered and externally shaped to give the bike precise suspension alignment under all conditions. The bike is handmade from start to finish.

Classic MTB Brand Reboot: Ellsworth Bicycles Is Back | GearJunkie

Additionally the rocker arms are CNCed machined thus reducing weight and retains strength, ellswoeth, and good looks. With the design, braking and suspension can function independently.

review ellsworth bike

By keeping the suspension always active, better control, efficiency, and traction result, along ellsworth bike review a less fatigued rider. This explains why I feel good at the end of a ride and not beaten up by the terrain. The simplicity bile the suspension system allows for a light bike. Mine weighs in at 28 pounds.

Ellsworth Handcrafted Bicycles

Which is really light for a large frame, full suspension, 29er. Ellsworth has been around sinceand all bikes are designed by Tony Ellsworth. The bikes ellsworth bike review handbuilt in Ramona, California where the company strives to be environmentally friendly. He did an excellent job. The bike has been working great so far attesting. revieq

bike review ellsworth

The Evolution comes in ellswortn range of sizes from small to extra-large in case you are an aspiring basketball star looking for a great riding bike. Full blue led bike light, I suck at technical riding. The frame has a hexagonal indentation on the left side and the thru axle has biike matching hexagonal male end that inserts into the frame indentation. The thru axle is thus ellsworth bike review firmly into the left side of bike.

This variation of the usual thru axle design helps stiffen the rear axle ellsworth bike review triangle of the bike. Tony Ellsworth has been refining this design for over 17 years.

bike review ellsworth

The linkage design virtually eliminates any bobbing when you pedal, while also eliminating suspension kickback when the suspension is compressed.

The suspension linkage is also a minor work or art.

The Ellsworth Rouge 60 All Mountain Bike

It is beautifully machined. This carbon fiber bridge is molded as part of the monocoque that makes up both seatstays, tying them together.

bike review ellsworth

The effect is a stiffer rear triangle. The added stiffness from the Carbon Torsion Arch, Hex Taper, and Ellsworth bike review Locker, make the rear of the Ellsworth Rogue 40 noticeably more efficient and responsive to steering and pedaling input. The latest Rogue 40 design makes them great.

bike review ellsworth

Routing for all brake ellsworth bike review, derailleur cables including Di2and dropper seatpost housing, is internal on the Rogue It looks nice and clean and is well protected.

There is also a compartment in the down tube to house a Shimano Di2 battery.

review ellsworth bike

Moving the Di2 battery out of the seatpost allows the use of a dropper seatpost, which you will ellsworth bike review on this bike…. The Fox Factory 34 Series fork has a 15mm thru axle, with Boost mm spacing.

review ellsworth bike

There are three lever settings: Open, Medium, and Firm. In addition, when ellsworth bike review the Open position, the fork has an additional 22 clicks of low speed compression adjustment for fine tuning. There is no remote control for these various adjustment.

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Ellsworth is ibke suspension design company. They handily demonstrate this by having the rear suspension be managed by a Fox DPS Factory shock with Kashima coating.

bike review ellsworth

There ellsworth bike review no corners being cut here. This shock has three lever operated modes: Open, Medium and Firm. In the Open mode, there are three low speed compression settings.

Aug 14, - Like a long travel bike but without the weight on the hills . high speed singletrack most riders would choose a longer travel bike for. Frame.

The feel of the air spring can be adjusted with air volume spacers. Of course rebound is adjustable on both the fork and the shock. At Fit Werx, we build bikes for riders.

This being said, Ellsworth has done a good job of building some ellsworth bike review and very functional factory build kits that work well for many ellswortb. The bike pictured is equipped with Shimano XT Di2. But, Shimano brought Di2 down ellsworth bike review XT this year and at a substantial price savings. All we can say about.

News:Jun 3, - Review: Ellsworth's Scant offers a carbon fiber alternative. Bike we were pleased to run the bike through its paces. But if you choose to.

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