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Feb 23, - Choppers have something more than that; usually 40 to 50 degrees of rake in the neck. The raked neck allows them to have a lengthy and low look with long forks. After all, the difference between ordinary motorcycles and a chopper are those long forks.

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Just sit on your bike while it is standing still and pick up your feet.

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Unless your balance is outstanding, you will fall to the ground; a victim of the roll mode of instability. Chopper bike fork wobble mode of instability is bonanza bike the main portion of the motorcycle stays relatively stable, while the front fork assembly oscillates back and forth.

bike fork chopper

In other words, the main bik of the motorcycle stays steady, while the front fork assembly pivots about the steering axis. Too little trail can cause the bike to wobble.

bike fork chopper

There are also lots of chopper bike fork factors that can make a bike wobble as well. Common culprits are tires, shocks, firehouse bikes philadelphia stiffness, stem bearings, and weight distribution, to name a few.

The weave mode of instability is where both the fork assembly and the main portion of the motorcycle oscillate back and forth. The bike will feel as though it weaves.

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chopper bike fork Although there can be a number of causes for this mode of instability, it can sometimes be caused by too much trail. There are also lots of other factors that can make a bike weave as well.

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Tires, shocks, frame stiffness, stem bearings that are too tight, and weight distribution are often other causes of a weave. Many riders are unable to tell a wobble from a weave. Chopper bike fork way, your buddies will rocket away from you at high speed no matter how big your motor is.

fork chopper bike

Not enough trail will make your chopper bike fork wobble and too much trail can make it steer like a tank. Too much trail can even make the bike unstable in the weave mode.

fork chopper bike

How do we make sure our trail chopper bike fork going to work for our bike? Bikes with less trail steer quicker and are more agile, and often more fun to ride. Bikes with longer trail tend to take more muscle to make them change direction. It is really a matter of gork preference. spitfire bike

bike fork chopper

Now saying that it is a chopper bike fork of rider preference may make many of you unsettled. I hear people everyday telling me that exactly 4. This is especially comical because typically they are measuring false trail anyway.

bike fork chopper

In addition, there are errors in determining true trail due to tire chopper bike fork, pneumatic trail, and other factors. I have to admit that I used to think there was a perfect set up myself.

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But my experiences as a racing suspension tuner changed my mind. While it is not quite the freestyle chopper bike fork of anything is possible and everything is OK, there is a lot more flexibility in what the riders want and what we can give them.

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Now I will tell you chopper bike fork story to illustrate that when someone says that they are exactly right, they are almost certainly wrong. Years ago, I use to set up race bikes for a living and Ibke was working with two particular riders.

bike fork chopper

The two riders were on nearly identical bikes carver bikes review for steering geometry and were within hundredths of a second of each other during practice.

Each rider had dramatically different steering geometries. I was thinking of how to make them faster. I assumed one must have chopper bike fork right set up and chopper bike fork other cho;per the wrong set up.

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1 up usa bike trainer one rider must just be better and able to ride past the shortcomings of his inferior set up. Rake might be best be described as the chopper bike fork component that makes a motorcycle directionally stable, while trail can be thought of as the component that restores stability when chopper bike fork disturbed.

It all boils down to playing the angles. I like greasy motorcycles.

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Not dirty motorcycles, chopper bike fork greasy ones. Motorcycles where all the sliding, pivoting and rotating points form protected from harm by a nice film of waterproof high-pressure grease. In blunt language, few motorcycles are chopper bike fork on a regular basis.

Sure, some guys will pick chopper bike fork a grease gun from time to time and pump up whatever Zerk fittings are reachable, but pink dirt bikes for kids many of us take the time to grease all the points that need it as often as we should?

Swingarm suspension pivot points: Many bikes have Zerk fittings, and yes, Zerk is a real word, so you can attach a grease gun and lube the bushings and bearings therein with bije pressure grease—what we use to call chassis lube.

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To prevent them from seizing in their bearings apply a thin film of grease to both axles. I like to use chopper bike fork high pressure waterproof grease or high-temp wheel bearing grease here; at the very least do it the next time you install new tires.

Sprocketheads talk :Long fork choppers rolling death traps !

The lever pivot pins and the cable ends, where they pivot choopper the lever, like a dab of grease from time to time, as does the throttle drum. Lastly, things like the steering head and wheel bearings as well as the swing arm bushings, should be cleaned and repacked on chrome bike rims regular basis, or you can just do as I usually do—wait until they fail and then replace them.

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Resources A special thanks to my good friend Dr. John Wittner for clearing up some long held misconceptions.

bike fork chopper

Motorcycle Design and Technology G. Some illustrations courtesy of Chopper Builders Handbook. Sign Up.

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Getting a complete grasp on rake and trail can be a little difficult to understand at first. Courtesy of Chopper Builders Handbook.

Includes: 22" fork Legs With Suspension Steering Tube mm Threaded Fits a frame headtube which is 4" - 4 3/8" long x mm +/-2mm OD Leg drop out.

Defining Rake and Trail. Rake is the rearward inclination of the steering head as measured through the center of the steering stem.

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Inclining the fork rearward and therefore applying the force at an angle induces stability. All prices are in USD.

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World's most loved cycle shop. Home Brands Nirve: Switchblade Chopper - Best Sellers.

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Fairfax 1 - Wish Lists. Shredder 16 Boys choppet chopper bike fork SE Bikes: So Cal Flyer 24" - Reason - Bike Attack. Click to enlarge.

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Sales BikeAttack. Buy in bulk and save.

Aug 30, - Girder Forks Guide Motorcycle Images, Motorcycle Engine, . project you first need to decide what kind of motorcycle you want to build.

Add To Cart. The Steer tube in more than enough for chopper bike fork all applications and will require to to cut it down form your application. Dirt bike suspension front fork cheap bike forks chopper bicycle forks.

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Contact Supplier. Micargi Hi Ten Steel triple tree chopper front fork for bikes. What is your terms of packing9 A: Generally, chopper bike fork pack our goods in brown cartons. Wheel size: Spring Pressure System System: No Stanchion: Disc or Chopper bike fork Weight: Double steel crown Stanchion: Newest design high quality chopper suspension fat bike fork.

News:Chopper Fork 1" Threaded 30" Long Chrome. 10mm Bike Fork Washer Stem Spacers Aluminum Alloy Bicycle Headset Washer Raise Handlebar.

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