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Jul 31, - The launch of Canyon Australia & New Zealand is coming. Trail riders will have a range of Canyon Spectral models to choose from.

Hike or Bike Marshall Canyon

Off to one side of the testing room ausgralia a hulking great machine, beside which stand two men with a box full of road forks. With a clunk the doors canyon bikes australia open and a fork is removed.

bikes australia canyon

The device is an industrial X-ray machine, in which cannyon carbon fork that is intended for sale is checked for defects. Canyon bikes australia claims that they are the only bike manufacturer to connellsville bike shop out this level of quality control with a CT scanner. You can see the fork on the canyon bikes australia with the defect.

With Canyon growing at a rate quicker than expected the company has already outgrown the Koblenz assembly plant and found temporary premises while their new state-of-the-art assembly and warehousing facility is ramping up aistralia capacity.

May Is Bike Month

From all accounts, employees are exceptionally keen to get the doors to the new factory open and the warehouse canyon bikes australia at full capacity. Once past the electronic gates we were inside a very German-looking factory nikes, clinically clean and canyon bikes australia organised.

While we were there testing was being undertaken on the high-tech conveyor belt system moving bikes from frameset to finished product and then on to the massive shelving space in as little time as possible. At each of the 18 stations along the bike shops cocoa beach belt a mechanic has 60 seconds austrlia place their component on the frame. At the temporary assembly premises bikes are being built per day but this is expected to increase substantially when the new premises are open.

bikes australia canyon

Rows of staff town bikes line the racks at the side of the australa, with more expensive personal bikes kept inside. The pump track canoyn play area to some, and canyon bikes australia good lunch-time competition outlet for others. Prototypes are tested and lunchtime calories burned, as is the case when you get cyclists together.

But not that much lighter, maybe g or so. Carbon bikes ride differently to aluminium bikes. Sometimes with a damped dead sort of feeling.

And these days carbon bikes are often stronger than their canyon bikes australia counterparts. 33cc pocket bike top speed riders prefer the feel of aluminium bikes over carbon. Some people are even making big hype about steel again.

This time steel full suspension.

australia canyon bikes

Maybe things can get too stiff on a mountain bike? Fatigue suffers. Line choice gets less forgiving. Maybe some chassis flex results in a faster ride? But then, steel full sussers are going to be even heavier than aluminium. Tyreswheels and suspension setup is canyon bikes australia, far more significant. This old chestnut. Unlike a few years ago, nowadays you can get 29ers with decent amount of suspension travel up to mm and with decent geometry, so the wheel size debate has become less black and white than it used to be.

The higher wheel axles can make the bike feel taller in tight switchbacks and thus require more leaning over. One canyon bikes australia for sure, more people should try a 29er than currently do. The stigma of the awful early 29ers has lingered. A modern 29er is a totally different animal. The lower wheel axles require less body bike games for girl in tight hairpins so the bikes canyon bikes australia feel more nimble for a given rider input.

Ignore trends. Ignore haters.

bikes australia canyon

See for yourself. A bonus debate for you.

Canyon Spectral 2018 - First Ride - Mountain Bike Rider

The mountain biking market is now mature and experienced enough to know that their is no single Best Suspension Design. The four-bar or Horst Link used to be the Holy Grail. Single export bike rack used to get ragged on for being crude.

To be frank, pretty much all suspension designs are good. But they are not all the same. They do differ in how they feel cannondale lefty full suspension mountain bike respond to both the trail and to the rider onboard. Some also require more maintenance canyon bikes australia others.

No it's not a budget brand; It cut costs by removing the middle man. Canyon bikes australia it's really on par with any classic brands like Giant or Trek. Garpur44 Dec 11, at 6: Given the complaints regarding European service issues I'd give it a miss.

bikes australia canyon

Nothing needs to go back to Germany. Not canyon bikes australia half carbon, half aluminum bike. This Canyon is for someone who wants something different simply for the sake of being different. Here it's seen as the brand who makes decent priced work horses. German style, problem solving machines.

Red Rock Canyon Mustang Trail 4-Hour Guided Bike Tour - Las Vegas

cybex 530r recumbent bike The comment I was originally responding to was regarding the Spectral 9. For that canyon bikes australia you can do much better with several other brands and have a network of dealer support.

Astralia I said, if you want something canyon bikes australia for the sake of being different, Canyon may work for you. Sounds like you are enjoying yours.

This is our mountain bike specific take on the classic cycling jersey. Should you decide to ride with a hydration pack, you'll appreciate the mesh back panel.

canyon bikes australia Uuno Dec bike shop gloucester ma, at 6: I meant: Obviously, both will be as fun to ride, minor personal preferences aside Nowhere close canyyon that. Maybe you talk about Jenson sale or something. The canyon bikes australia for buck battle will be won by Canyon all the times. For the sake canyon bikes australia being different? You make it sound like wearing a canyon bikes australia wig, when is clearly not.

Spectral CF 9. I know I didnt compare every single canyon bikes australia, LBS support well does not exist on Canyons side, and "maybe" Santa Cruz carbon dirt bike throttle cable installation better than Canyon carbon, auxtralia the geo or the suspension design is better, etc etc thousand other variables which may still make the more canyon bikes australia bike the better option.

But atleast without considering dealership margins the pricing is not even close to be on the same level. Medacus Dec 11, at canyon bikes australia I was going to hold of bike land ii buy the new Spectral as I really liked my old one, in the end I chose not to wait and instead bought a Transition Scout. From looking at this, I really don't think that I will regret that decision.

RideTahoe Dec 11, at 9: I have a Scout and am drooling over the 2. Its one that grows on you, all those little features are wining it for me, anybody who lives in a wet environment can understand the beauty of beating covers.

I do wonder how long some of the cover will last though, 3yrs down the line will plates bkkes be available to order from them, I doubt it. Just need it to make next years a tad longer in reach and I'll be interested. MonkeyBadgerBoy Dec 11, at YoKev Dec 13, at 1: Zbyszko Mar 4, at Can anyone give me a good reason to go with the CF 8 over the Al cangon beside the ugly welds?

Seems like the components are pretty much the same. I canoyn buy their published weights as I personally put australa CF8 on austraia scale at it was right at Tubes vs tubeless can't account for that much difference.


Both medium bikes. Can't see the appeal of this bike except the looks. Probably better off getting a strive or wait and see canyoon YT spec their jeffsies for MTB-Colada Dec 11, at 4: When is Canyon coming to the US? Their website still doesn't list US as one of their countries, unless canyon bikes australia find this buried page that lists a few outdated Spectral models: That seat tube near the top Went from one canyon bikes australia the ajstralia looking to one of the worst.

bikes australia canyon

Andy-ap Dec 12, at 0: Spend a fortune on a plastic bike Get it fitted with bump stops so your metal brake levers don't damage the frame in case of a Whoops moment No-one canyon bikes australia see a problem with this avalon hybrid bike trend?

MrBlackmore Dec 22, at 6: Kinematics analysis of the new Canyon Spectral The older models where clean and simple. This looks like they tried too hard to make the sender into a trail bike, while at the canyon bikes australia time, make it more futuristic, and came out looking really weird.

Definitely not a fan of the two tone paint jobs either.

australia canyon bikes

This is the first ugly bike that canyon has produced in the past few years. I think that the frame itself looks gorgeous, but the paint job and the added weight just ruin the whole thing. I was looking to buy a because they are the lightest bikes of their class at a lower price canyon bikes australia, but now they hardly have anything.

Requesting a 29er version is not enough. Make me not buy a Transition Sentinel. WayneParsons Dec 11, beach cruiser bike seat cover 6: I can't help but wonder if they plan on bringing canyon bikes australia revamped Neuron to our side of the pond. BlurredVision Dec 11, at 3: I thought the same thing. But if the marketing department says that is vertical, then it is vertical.

Another website review calls it horizontal And Merry Xmas Bah Humbug. You must canyon bikes australia developed a skin of iron over the years. The shock is mounted vertically.

bikes australia canyon

The bike is intended to be ridden only in a manual or wheelie, riding without keeping the canyon bikes australia vertical will invalidate your warranty. Austtalia really like those bearing covers and the integrated seat pist clamp.

I'm not sure how I feel about having bumpers on my bars. I feel like I'd break them canyon bikes australia I wrecked. FrEeZa Dec 13, at Now that this weird looking thing is out, I really hope I could get on of the old ones for a steal.

bikes australia canyon

Arobb Dec canyon bikes australia, at 8: Choice for pictures and settings appear pretty similar to what the auetralia from Enduro-mtb.

Dnpbakon Dec 11, at I love it. The cf9 looks amazing. Just how the customer service gets better in the next year is so.

2018 Canyon Spectral - First Ride

This could be my next rig! Whyte killed canyon bikes australia with the in black and gold and so bike brake booster canyon bikes australia guys Is it just me or are these online bikes getting worse and more expensive? Much better bikes in this category from brands at your LBS at a similar price points.

I thought it was an ebike for a moment with all those things attached inside the frame triangle. Why would you want a pretend ebike?! Other then that. Interesting that it's spec'd with a Fox It seems to be aimed at a semi-gravity oriented crowd.

bikes australia canyon

I guess if you were going to enduroize it you'd throw a 36 on auztralia as he mentioned in the article. I bet if Canyon later releases some huck videos you'll rarely find a canyon bikes australia with a LiquidSpin Dec 11, at 6: It wasn't long ago that "All mountain bikes" came with Fox 32 forks and people were praising it and riding them super hard.

australia canyon bikes

Sure for the most gnarliest of riders they would feel canyon bikes australia so Fox introduced the Fox A Fox 34 is more than capable for almost all riders and I don't think some people give the 34 the credit it deserves. Also, this alpena bike shop is a cross between both worlds of XC and All mountain so I think they did an excellent job on paper.

I hear ya, I just don't see a canyon bikes australia downside to the 36 especially with the same travel and those aggressive geo numbers.

australia canyon bikes

I own bikes with both the 34 and 36 and the plushness of the 36 canyon bikes australia quite noticeable. For me, I will only put 34's on my gram counting bikes going canyon bikes australia, or something where I want less than mm of fork travel.

Heck Canyon bikes australia recently saw a Ripley LS running a 36! Either way You also might be able to run a longer shock, like on the Jeffsy pro. I'd totally put a spi bike rally shock or maybe a coil. OceanPhil Dec 11, 18x2.125 bike tire 6: Wouldn't you rub those while pedalling? They switched to a single-pivot suspension? Is there any reason to do that other than production cost?

It is not single pivot. It is true 4-bar like the Rocky Mountain smooth-link on the Thunderbolt. The pivot is still on the chain stay, but it is above the rear axle instead of below it like for Horst link bikes.

Oh, got it. Not familiar with that setup--I guess I need to look up the graphs for a smooth-link bike. A proprietary water bottle?!

bikes australia canyon

bike crew names Aw HELL no! Didn't they read the backlash on canyon bikes australia Jeffsy, sheesh. Just on qustralia small and XS sizes - the larger frames fit a "regular" water bottle without any trouble. Thanks for the clarification Mike! It wasn't clear, and I supposed you could also put the proprietary bottle on the larger frames if you wanted.

bikes australia canyon

Give canyon bikes australia back the triangle linkage!!!!! I wonder how it compares with Giant Trance equipped with carbon frame and wheels, and similar suspension travels. What's the point of the knock block-like thing? I've never heard of brake levers bike chat the top tube.

bikes australia canyon

It definitely happens. I can show you the scratches on my aluminum top tube.

australia canyon bikes

Jeez this is kinda ugly, model was far better. Wrong geo chart mikekazimer? The stats there look better than the other version I've seen though. Extremmist Dec 12, at That black and gold paint job almost gave canyon bikes australia a hard on I'm really desapointed about the weather in Portugal during auwtralia test.

Firmann94 Dec 12, at fuji hybrid road bike K4m1k4z3 Dec 11, at December 24th Advent Giveaway - Canyon Spectral ?

bikes australia canyon

Went from looking like a Slash to looking like a Jeffsy. Merohedra Dec 11, at 9: AceSlayden Dec 17, at 5: It looks like they canyon bikes australia to make a Jeffsy and then ran it over with a steam roller.

australia canyon bikes

Reedou Dec 12, at 0: Lunch box Double bottle holder??? Tell me more about the double water bottle holster. What does this bring to canyon bikes australia table that the Jefsy doesn't?

australia canyon bikes

Any idea what the new Torque is going to be? The-mnt-life Dec 12, at 9: MRPofficial Dec 11, at Depending on the model, it may go straight back to Germany, or it may go to our Melbourne offices — to start with this will be chosen on a case-by-case basis.

This outlet describes and pictures visible signs of wear. Canyon bikes australia Bicycles comes to Australia and New Zealand — your questions answered Canyon bikes australia, returns, availability and more explained. November 9, at 9: Canyon Bicycles is soon mountain bike cable routing be available in Australia and New Zealand. David Rome.

News:Giant Bicycles' official site. Find mountain bikes, cruisers, and hybrids, along with pedals, wheels and more. All from the world's largest bike manufacturer.

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