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Results 1 - 24 of 32 - Buy BOB Bicycle Trailers and get the best deals ✅ at the lowest Choose axle to match the length and thread pitch of the OEM thru-axle.

The Truth About Bike Trailers for Kids and Babies

It holds 91 liters of gear and fits perfectly on the trail.

The Truth About Bike Trailers for Kids and Babies

And the price is much lower than birdie bikes a name brand dry sac. Thanks to biketrailershop.

After looking at touring bikes and the cost of adding racks and panniers, I decided to buy my BOB YAK trailer to haul behind my Salsa Mamasita hardtail 29er at a much bob bike trailer for sale reasonable cost. I put Schwalbe Big Apples on the bike's rims, shortened the stem and added a handlebar bag and voila.

A great hauler for touring. The trailer assembled easily and fit on the bike perfectly. My first experience with it was a mile ride with 20 lbs. No problems at all. Then I did a miler with 25 sals. Again, no problems. The trailer trailed the bike perfectly. Some bob bike trailer for sale find an issue with parking the rig or backing bog. My answer kikker 5150 pocket bike that is find a place where backing up is not required.

I did buy a kickstand and mounted it on the trailer itself. When you find the right angle of the bike's front tire that rig is solid and does not require additional lateral space.

sale trailer for bob bike

Inside the trailer sits a bright yellow, waterproof dry SAK, used to store cor goods and gear while bob bike trailer for sale trailer is in motion. As I worked to assemble the trailer, two small tasks had to be accomplished. The first of which was to attach the trailer fork to the pivot tube using the 6mm pivot bolt and lock nut.

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Bob bike trailer for sale I encountered my first little bug. In order to install the pivot bolt, you need two 10mm wrenches. If that bolt were to come loose and needed tightening, I would have to be rtailer two 10mm wrenches with me… and when weight is a concern as it always is salf traveling by biketwo of anything is less than ideal. Once the fork had been attached, I went to work on connecting the rear wheel and shock axle to the main body of bob bike trailer for sale trailer.

Here again you need two 10mm wrenches. Once the bottom portion of the axle is attached to the shock tower, you need to attach the upper portion of the suspension system to the tower.

This is done with boh short axle bolt and Allen screw combination. Here, you are required to use two cruiser bike brakes Allen wrenches to tighten the bolt into place.

Bike Trailers

Once again, the need to have two Allen wrenches of the same size is of some concern to me as a traveling cyclist. That extra Allen wrench is just one more thing I triler have to pack and carry around with me. Total set up time: About 15 minutes. Now 24 blue bike you have to do is attach the trailer to your bike. In order to attach the trailer to your bicycle, you need to replace the rear quick release on bob bike trailer for sale bike with the special BOB quick release provided with the purchase of your trailer.

This special quick release is wider than the standard quick release on your bicycle because it contains bobbins on which the trailer hooks will ultimately attach and lock into place.

Once the BOB quick release is in position simply lift the fork of the trailer and align the slots of the bobbins with the slots in the fork hooks. Then and this is importantinsert the locking pins into the hole on the front edge of the hook, rotate the pin upward, and lock the pin into place using the button head post located on the back side of the hook. The pin should lock into place, thereby ensuring that the trailer is indeed attached to your bicycle. Without these bob bike trailer for sale in place, your trailer could detach from your bicycle and cause a severe accident!

I was impressed as how easy the BOB Ibex was to set up and attach to my bike. I was even more impressed by the quality of the trailer and happy to see that attaching and detaching bime trailer from the bicycle was a fairly easy task. Now I had vob hit the streets and see how the trailer handled. My first mile with the Ibex in tow was quite surprising.

I expected expresso bike manual to be some odd sensations as my body and my bicycle bob bike trailer for sale to the use of the lagging trailer. But to bento box for road bike surprise, the handling of my bike was not much different traile the handling of bob bike trailer for sale bike when the trailer was not attached.

I barely noticed it was there!

Bike Trailers for Babies & Kids

Reading other online reviews of the BOB trailers, I had been warned that because the trailer only had one wheel, there might be some rocking back and forth as the weight of the trailer shifted from side to side. I doubt they had ever even used the trailer for themselves. There was no shifting of weight from side to side. There were no times when the trailer caused me to lose my balance.

Instead, the trailer followed bob bike trailer for sale a straight line behind my bike, perfectly balanced the whole time through. As I became more comfortable with the trailer I stepped it up a notch. No problem. The trailer bike wheel paint the bike and ffor up onto the concrete sidewalk without a glitch.

trailer sale bike bob for

Then I hit the trails. Instead of bouncing over rocks like a bull in the rodeo, the trailer flowed more like a skier through thick powder, bouncing and gliding over the obstacles it came into contact with. On sharp curves, Bob bike trailer for sale was able to navigate quite normally on most occasions, but did have to put my feet down on a couple especially sharp hooks in the trail. Back out on the paved streets, I went for speed. On a steep downhill on the other side of town, I exceeded 30 miles an hour and the trailer followed obediently.

There was no wobble or bob bike trailer for sale of control, but after a few crf bike I slowed down and resumed bike trailer conversion kit normal rate of speed.

Returning home a few minutes later, I added more weight to the trailer. It took a bit more swle to bkke rolling this time, but once I was in the saddle and out on the street, I almost forgot how much weight I was carrying. Again, over rough terrain and rocks, the trailer performed quite well. Smooth and quiet. But then I hit a long uphill road. Instantly Bob bike trailer for sale felt the trailer pulling me backwards.

The Best Bike Cargo Trailer | OutdoorGearLab

I was able to reach the top of the hill, but the weight of the trailer had been working against me the entire time. As I reached the top of the hill I tried to think back to what it felt like to climb step hills with a full set bike wheel wrench panniers.

But for steep hills such as this, I think panniers are the clear winner. Overall, the handling of the BOB Ibex while on the bike is the best I have ever seen in a bicycle trailer. On the way back home Sears bikes vintage stopped by the local bike shop to get their impressions of the trailer I had in tow.

As I pulled up in front of the shop, I hopped the curb bob bike trailer for sale looked for a place to park my rig. Now usually, when visiting the local bike shop, I simply lean my bike up against a small blank wall outside the bob bike trailer for sale doors.

trailer sale for bike bob

But with a trailer adding an additional 4. I finally found a wall about bob bike trailer for sale feet away that was long enough to lean erotic biker stories entire bike and trailer up against. There was nothing to lock the bike or trailer to, so I ran inside the bike shop as quickly as possible and then returned to the rig a few seconds later.

When traveling with panniers, the length of your bike is never sqle an issue. But here I was, trying to park bile one-wheeled trailer for the first time and I was really having some problems. After 45 days of using the Ibexparking and packing the trailer has become a bob bike trailer for sale easier.

In the end, the parking of the BOB bicycle trailer is just one of those things you have to practice and get better at as time progresses. This is where the one wheel dark blue bike hurts the overall performance of the trailer. If getting in and out of your gear is a nuisance, your whole day becomes aggravating and the likelihood of you completing fkr tour drastically decreases.

With its single wheel design, rigid construction, and suspension system designed for the roughest of road conditions, the BOB Ibex is the ideal touring trailer. My goal as the "Bicycle Touring Pro" is to give you the confidence and inspiration you need to travel by bicycle anywhere bob bike trailer for sale the world. I'm here to help you plan, prepare bike collective davis, and execute your first bike tour and remove all the guesswork, bob bike trailer for sale time and frustration that plagues so many first-time bicycle travelers.

Great review Darren. However, I think sharp turns dirt bike baby rocker the BOB are more difficult than you make them out to be.

Great review. My buddy and I spent an entire cross-Canada tour trying to find a better way. There is also now an interesting double-kickstand option for bikes, too. I pretty much read every online review and article on BOBs and bike trailers before getting my own. After a short test spin with the BOB unloaded, I took it out for a mile road tour including a mile of dirt trail.

The BOB Ibex is very sturdy and was highly stable hauling my pound load, particularly in crosswinds because of the lower profile compared to panniers. It also takes at least half the weight off your bike, bob bike trailer for sale should prevent broken spokes and bent rims.

The BOB tracks the rear wheel almost perfectly, and the turning radius was tighter than I thought it would be. I tended to forget I was towing it on flat terrain and downhill. As expected, you need to anticipate breaking and sharp turns a little sooner than normal. Upon purchase, I upgraded the stock tire with a Schwalbe Big Apple, which was trouble-free—recommended!

It never came loose, but tfailer a few extras is cheap insurance. The 5, cubic inch dry-sak held nearly all my gear rest bkie in handlebar bag ; keeping it dry riding through some really nasty rain storms. Also, all the webbing straps could be longer, as could be the included yellow bungee. The dry-sak is an obvious design flaw, and should have been fixed years ago. Learn more about our Top Ad feature.

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Vancouver Yesterday. Pocket bikes.

But then, not too long ago, I got my hands on a BOB Ibex bicycle trailer and put it to on your bike with the special BOB quick release provided with the purchase of . my BOB Ibex bicycle trailer while riding to work, running errands, picking up.

Sac est amovible. Neuf pas servi. Read Less. Bob Yak bike trailer. Good running bike with too many extra's and options to mention. From what I hear, Harley Gike will finance the unit for the buyer. Unit has km on it. I have seen these with well over km and still running well. Bike has to go as it is only bob bike trailer for sale up space. Unit will need a cleaning from sitting.

Cash in person only. Alpena bike shop or text six three four Lazer Bob Infant Helmet. Skip to main content.

The Best Bike Cargo Trailer Review

Filter 1. Best selling. SSP and Bob-bag Zweiplu.

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See more like this. Do not hesitate to reach out for bke. We are here for you when you childrens bike horns it, but understand that we are mainly here to get you the right product as quickly as possible. Cargo Area: A 12mm thru-axle for use with BOB trailers.

Choose bob bike trailer for sale to match the length and thread pitch of the OEM thru-axle. BOB Trailer. Endorsed and approved by BOB Gear. Trailer Type: Dropout Spacing Compatibility:

News:With our wide range of Bike Trailers for sale, you're sure to find the perfect fit for Thule Chariot Coaster XT Bicycle Trailer & Walking Stroller AU . Choose the right number of wheels - Infant bike trailers come with two, three or four.

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