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Jun 26, - I used the BOB on a trip across Canada, and for that trip the trailer but for the short ride to my chosen camping site, it was no probem. . A fully-loaded touring bicycle with pannier bags can be an unwieldy monster. .. Extending Tourist Visa in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia · QuickPAD Pro Word Processor vs.

What is the difference between bikepacking and bicycle touring?

There are some generic sized frame bags out there though, such as the Blackburn Outpost Frame Bag and Lezyne Frame Caddywhich tiuring not have the same depth as custom frame bags, but will be more likely to fit most bikes. Another bike touring trailer vs panniers place to hang a bag is off the rear end of your saddle and seatpost.

vs bike panniers trailer touring

Seatpacks can have as much as 20L of capacity and higher-end models will include a drybag to keep out the rain. Speaking of rain, be prepared to have a muddy seatpack, unless you have a rear fender.

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Photo credit: Popular bike trailers, such as the B. Bike trailers are great for windy locations because they have a lower center of gravity compared to bike packing and panniers.

How To Carry Your Belongings On Your Bicycle

I gathered the Old Man Mountain racks and mounting hardware, put them on a scale with the four panniers. Then I weighed the bikepacking bags and a rucksack. That clobbered me, and I set out to fit everything I had into bike touring trailer vs panniers soft bags by ruthless elimination.

The often static position of dirt touring left me with sore shoulders, a sweaty back and vows to change. My favorite adventure book is Journey to the Centre of the Earth by the Crane cousins. They recount reducing their load as they are about to set off from Dhaka to Foldable indoor bike China, the eponymous center of bike touring trailer vs panniers earth in the sense of being the place furthest from the open ocean:.

However, two adjusted everything except the pannier racks and bottle-cages. So, at the risk of needing our heads examined, we left the other two behind. We finished bike touring trailer vs panniers the labels pxnniers our clothes. Now one pair had to go. Thinking back to Journey, I set out to cut my load by something every day for touing month.

I felt triumphant when I got rid of bigger things like all the stakes for my tent, since I was always able to use rocks instead. These days my packing amusement is against the dangle, all those things secured outside the bags that make the bike look like a traveling garbage circus.

I never want anymore little stuff sacks, flip flops, ti cups, nor a jacket under a bungee. But there are three core pieces moto yamaha bike 16 gear that are worth reevaluating which can help make the transition easier — your tent, sleeping bag, and sleeping mat.

In order to do so, you bike touring trailer vs panniers have to look at the more high-end and ultra-light gear selection at your outdoor shop. In our case, we replaced our heavy and roomy all-season tent for the lighter and smaller three season version. Additionally, we traded our bulky, 1. For our sleeping pads, we kept the ones we already had, simply because we did not want to invest more trailee, and they fit just fine.

Because gear can be kona blast bike expensive the lighter and smaller it packs, a smart approach might be to reduce your load over time by replacing one piece at a tourinh or only replace those items which really make a big difference.

Book Bike touring trailer vs panniers had one book on board which we would read.

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Also practical for locals to point out route recommendations. Depending on whether toyring are already on the road or planning to transform to a bikepacking setup for your next trip, you will pxnniers end up asking yourself if you also need to exchange your bike. The beauty of a rackless bikepacking setup is the fact that you can use any bike to carry such a kit. Not to mention, with less traiper, that means less wear bike wheel caps tear bike trails waukesha the bike.

However, bikepacking is just as much about exploring unpaved and often rugged terrain. When we reached the point of wanting schwinn high timber mens mountain bike leave the well-maintained roads for the more adventurous tracks, we debated back-and-forth about selling our bikes and getting new ones.

Instead we wanted absolute freedom to follow even the faintest trails into the backcountry. We had our doubts that our Surly Disc Truckers could live up to our expectations. Not only do wider tires offer more floatation — which makes them better suited for pqnniers on sand, mud and snow — but they also provide a great amount of suspension and comfort when riding over rough ground…without requiring the maintenance of bike touring trailer vs panniers air shock or fork.

I'd do a Carousel oversized seat pack with a handlebar bike touring trailer vs panniers.

panniers vs touring bike trailer

Add in a top tube bag or stuff the jerseys for your food, camera, etc. Now, I have not used this stuff yet… just the end of a lot of research.

Bike Packing vs Trailers vs Panniers - What's Best For Cycle Touring? -

I'm planning quilt and tarptent in the back, pop can stove, air pad, food, etc. Again, I haven't used this yet, but it seems like a solid plan to me, and avoids both the trailer and the panniers. Can't wait to try it out! Its nearly all about minimum drag.

Why do you Need Bike Panniers?

Doug is right a bag above your back wheel a frame bag and a handlebar bag is most aerodynamic, least rolling friction and most handleable. Aearodynamic is what counts if you are above 10mph.

trailer vs touring panniers bike

If you cannot fit your gear in that due to lots of water or food then slim rear panniers are next in the dirty air behind your legs, bike touring trailer vs panniers a light rucksack if you must. I disagree with Bike touring trailer vs panniers that you want more weight on the steering wheel.

This is bad for handling and drag. The 4 corners bike rally bag is good for dense stuff. A trailer is OTT, in my opinion. Just gotta mention that a typical Bob trailer is not close to Which is not to say that it's efficient or anything. I've decided that bikepacking-style bag set ups are the best overall.

Handlebar and frame bags

Never toured tourinv such a setup yet, but I can't wait to, and have zero concern that I'll be disappointed.

By the way, is anybody in the market toouring some sweet Arkel panniers? As far as stability and handling goes, I love my Bob's but wouldn't say that those are their strong points. I'm not sure all panniers are bike touring trailer vs panniers not bike touring trailer vs panniers. Besides that "ultalight" really means "ultraefficient," and bike gear will have a different point of "ideal balance" than backpacking gear.

Given the choice, I'd rather have a more reliable two wheels than an additional one to look after, though. To the OP!

How do you carry all the things you need for a bike tour on your bicycle? Trailers vs. How To Carry Stuff On A Bike – Backpacks, Panniers & Trailers After you decide on which bicycle you are going to ride, how do you carry all the things.

I'd agree that trailers mostly two-wheel can sometimes provide better handling with particularly heavy or bulky loads, but don't feel that it is typically this way with a reasonable touring load casati bike a bike bike touring trailer vs panniers for the use. A torsionally flexible frame is one thing that can affect this.

Another thing is that the play found in most-all bike trailer hitches can have a major negative impact on handling. I do know that any weight on the front should be as close as possible to the steering axis. As Jim says front panniers are usually smaller than rear ones. I say maybe there bike touring trailer vs panniers a good reason. I know that low rider front panniers hit vss ground on hairpins and rough ground and higher bike flame better.

I also know that with a lot of load and non on the front, your front wheel lifts on steep hills. The lighter the better but more importantly the sleeker the better. As Jim W says, once you climb on the bike, your weight shifts toward the back. panbiers

vs trailer panniers touring bike

That's why you 'pack' heavier to the front, to try and balance it out better. This actually improves handling, not decrease it. Lauris says: November 22, at 9: Gary Youring says: March 3, at 7: Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. You only have to worry about making one bag waterproof.

Apr 16, - A weekend tour might only require that the rear panniers are used, whereas a longer cycling trip might require all four and a rack pack. Trailer owners would need to tow the trailer behind them regardless of if the trip was for a weekend or longer tour, meaning that weight was being added to the bicycle unnecessarily.

The BOB is usually used with one large waterproof bag. The Cyclone IV bag is extremely water resistant, and it comes with a waterproof cover for really wet days. This is much easier than having to worry about waterproofing lots of separate pannier bags especially if they are bags with lots of compartments and pockets. Also, attaching bike touring trailer vs panniers detaching a whole bunch of pannier bags and camping gear is a bikemaster chain breaker process.

For example, in the Philippines, I would track down the local police station in a small town or a tourism office in a larger town. They would always say yes. Bike touring trailer vs panniers just unhook the trailer and head off exploring. Then you come back and attach the trailer again.

panniers bike vs touring trailer

The same idea applies when taking traiker or other forms of transportation. With a trailer, I could just unhook the trailer at the dock and go exploring. Simple and easy. The idea bike touring trailer vs panniers is that if all of your luggage is inside a trailer duffel bag like the Radical Design Cyclone IV, you can use any bike at all.

You could fly to a new country with just the trailer and the trailer hitch, buy or even borrow a bike locally, mount the trailer hitch and start riding. This way, you can avoid the hassle of dismantling and boxing up pajniers bicycle.

This could also be useful in case of emergencies — if your bicycle is stolen or run over by a truck. You could simply purchase a new bike — any bike — locally, attach the trailer and keep traveling. This would be easier than trying to buy a dedicated touring bike with pannier racks and all the other specialty gear.

But I found that with a trailer like the BOB, the dog would chase and snap at at the rear wheel of the trailer rather than at my feet and legs. Bike touring trailer vs panniers assume that this is because it is the last thing on the bike. With a trailer, that last wheel is far away from your legs. This problem became apparent very quickly the first time I used a trailer and then tried to stop at a coffee shop or a convenience store. With the added bike touring trailer vs panniers of a trailer, this becomes much more difficult.

A more serious concern is the risk of the driver of a car not seeing the trailer cinderella bike helmet turning a bit too close red rocks mountain bike trail your bike and hitting the trailer. This can easily happen at pannkers intersection when there is a lot of traffic.

The driver of a car might wait for a cyclist to pass before starting their turn. But the trailer is below their field of vision and the driver might not see it and then turn too bike touring trailer vs panniers. This never happened to me or even came close to happening while using bike touring trailer vs panniers BOB, but it was something that I thought about. I tried to alleviate those concerns by using the bright yellow flag available for the trailer.

That is from the outside tip of one etronic mini bike pump to the outside tip of the other tourinb.

In addition, anecdotal evidence indicates that car drivers actually give more clearance when driving past a bike with a trailer than a bike with pannier bags. When I used pannier bags, cars would cut very close.

How To Carry Stuff On A Bike – Backpacks, Panniers & Trailers

But when I used the BOB, car drivers would swing out much wider and go around me. I felt safer using the trailer than I did when using pannier bags.

trailer bike vs panniers touring

Other cyclists have reported the same experience. The situation could be different for utility trailers. People have used them for touring, but I think their extreme width makes them impractical. Bike touring trailer vs panniers people talk about trailers being too wide to be practical, they are probably talking about this type of trailer and not the dedicated touring trailers, and certainly not the single wheel trailers like the BOB.

However, each individual bag is light enough to carry easily. But if you put all that weight into one big bag, it can become very heavy.

Panniers VS. Trailers - Bicycle Touring

Having one large bag is convenient in some ways, but it can become inconvenient, too. Bike touring trailer vs panniers items can become lost every easily. Of course, you can deal with that problem by organzing your gear in lightweight stuff sacks, tourring. However, you still end up putting things like soap and gs fuel and your stove in the same bag as your clothes and food and sensitive electronics.

With 16 inch bmx race bike bags, you can isolate your greasy tools and smelly cooking stove.

News:May 18, - These small fixes can make your backcountry BOB Trailer bike tour better and easier. If you choose to go the BOB route, there are a few things you can do to better your BOB ride. 1. Attaching a good front rack and panniers can do wonders to your bike handling Bike Touring Baggage: Bikepacking vs.

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