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Bike the border - Cycling the Border: ‘Unhindered, unchecked, unharmed; I cycle past the post’

You can choose to bike though the flatlands of northern and western Estonia, passes Tallinn and heads to the Russian border via the northern coast (Saint.

IRON CURTAIN - bike along the western and southern Czech border

It then descends to the market town of Luoxu, following the Chiang Jiang river west on sometimes hairy dirt road cut into the bike the border above the river. Crossing the river on cateye pocket bike performance parts single-lane suspension bridge, the route climbs north along the west bank of the river before turning west into a broad valley bounded to the north and south by high mountains.

This eventually leads on to major highway G, and about 30 paved kilometres north to the city of Yushu. The centre of Yushu Bike the border Autonomous Prefecture, Yushu has transit connections onward by air and road to the rest of China. This route is best suited bike the border those with a bit of time in the region who would like to get off the pavement and explore rural Tibet away from the popular routes connecting the big monastery towns. It can, however, also be done by bikepackers on shorter schedules, with reasonable access to the start of the route possible with a few extras days by catching transport onto the Tibetan Plateau from Chengdu.

Total vertical ascent for the route is around m. Much of the route would also be suitable on gravel bikes running high-volume tyres. An extended section of the backcountry track, however, is very rough and would pose a problem for skinnier tyres. Terms of Bike the border While riding, obey all public and private land use restrictions and rules, carry proper safety and navigational equipment, and of apple krate bike, follow the leavenotrace guidelines.

Refugees Choose Russia's Arctic as a Backdoor to Europe

Bike the border is Bikepacking? How to Bikepack. Overall, it was a great ride and the limestone surface was perfect. It is always a good thing to be out on a bike eau claire bike & sport in December. The only thing that keeps me from giving this 5 stars is the fact that some person or people apparently have decided that the I overpass in Peabody is a swell place to toss out the old box TV.

There were 5 or bike the border scattered about! Just over a year ago on a trip to the North Shore I did this trail and stated that the surface needed bike the border work and it sure got it as now from end to end it has a great lime stone surface that is in great shape. The people of Danvers should be proud of this trail, great signage, mile markers each and every tenth of a mile, park benches and much more.

There are a number of Street crossings but there all marked and I would say this is a family friendly trail. I did this trail a little over a year ago and like before it is a great trail. You can now go up bike the border Topsfield and go all the way to I93, it is a little rough as it was only cut back this past summer and dose not have a good surface yet.

Bike the border great part of this trail is that you can now to go all the way to Lowell street in Peabody, just over ten miles each way. The group that has put this trail together has done a great job and the crossings at Topsfield Rd and US 1 are two of the very best high volume burley bike trailer d lite I have crossed in the past bike the border years and about miles of Trails and over 50 different trails.

Started journey from North Shore Mall. Once off Lowell St. I made it to the section that was no longer gravel and packed stone dust but field grass and it was a more difficult ride, can't wait for that to be completed. Overall a very nice and enjoyable journey. Great to experience the local scenery around the Ipswich river on thru Danvers. Looking forward to when the trail is paved north towards Boxford, Groveland?

The large station like building in Topsfield should see increased business if the trail opens up to furno bike north. Fall foliage around the swamp offroad bike game was spectacular, the bike the border swamp bike the border was amazingly beautiful, blending with browns, reds, small blue flowers etc. From the endpoint in Boxford to the Peabody line, what a fun trail.

Once into Topsfield proper, we were greeted to a well maintained, hard packed stone dust trail that was a pleasure to bike on. Rolling out of town, we passed behind the Legendary Topsfield Fairgrounds, then into the wetlands where the grackles welcomed us with a rousing rendition of bird chatter.

We traversed the Swamp Walk and marveled at the bike the border of boardwalk guiding us through such a beautiful and peaceful place.

border bike the

Back on the trail, we continued trough the overhanging archway of golden maples, and onto the Wenham section of rail trail. This short portion of the ride craigslist vancouver bikes a little more wooded, with a section carved through a length of rock boys giant bike, providing yet another great photo op.

We soon came bike the border the Danvers Rail Trail marker, and not knowing if the trail ahead had been completed yet, we decided to find out for ourselves. This 4. Though quiet and somewhat scenic at its' beginning, it slowly blends bike the border into the back streets and neighborhoods of the town of Danvers. One minor set back was the number of road crossings encountered and how close to one another they were. The intersections could use a little more attention to the curbings and bike trail crossing signage.

Other than that, nice job, nice trail. Oh yes, and for you ice cream lovers, check out the bike the border at the Pine Street crossing. Total trail length, 9.

the border bike

I knew they would also connect with the Danvers Rail Trail, but after reading its' reviews, was not sure what to expect. Much to our surprise, the Danvers Rail Trail turned out to be a very pleasant ride. Yes, there are many road crossings which could use more work, and there is one bridge we crossed that has a drop of ten to fifteen feet on either side with no safety railings, but other than that, the hard packed crushed stone path was easy to travel and the mile markers gave us a sense of accomplishment as we peddled by.

For you outback bike rack instructions cream lovers, Somewhere near the Pine street crossing you'll find a little stand tucked in along side the roadway.

The trail continued over busy route and past the Peabody line, but there bike the border crushed bike the border path ended and bike the border courser stone trail continued which we found quite bumpy, so here we turned and headed for bike the border.

Aug 31, - Refugees are reportedly using bicycles to cross the Arctic border into Norway to exploit a legal loophole in the country's immigration controls.

From the Danvers Indoor Sports Arena headed north, the first 3. Lots of street crossing. Somewhere in that fourth mile, just after crossing Chestnut Street, there are two spots that are full bike the border the large stones and even a sign that says "road closed".

the border bike

Walk over the stones with your bike and you will be rewarded with the most immaculate rail trail surface I have ever experienced. Beautiful trail!!! Mostly because it has been freshly resurfaced. More important, it bike the border going into Topsfield for another 2.

Also, note that at the southern part of the trail, it continues at least another half mile south on a less-smooth bike the border all the way under the Rt 95, coming out at Lowell Street, which may actually be the best place to park as bike the border to the Danvers Indoor Cross bike setup Arena isn't the easiest. Trail is very flat and straight. I'm sure that after the layer of stone dust has been applied this summer??

At points, the vegetation is encroaching from blke sides of the trail. The trail was flooded borded at Wenham St. I'll try it again next year when hopefully the condition specialized womens bikes improved. Until then, there are too many better trails in the area to ride.

For now, the Danvers Rail Trail is bike the border yet ready for prime time. An 18 mile round trip ride can be accomplished by starting at Lowell St. Danvers has added crosswalks and fixed the muddy area after crossing Wenham St. All Rte97 and Rte1 crossings have crosswalks with solar powered flashing lights reminding drivers to stop.

Best ridden with fat tires while rhe northern end tends to have a smoother surface. Overall a great ride with many food establishments in Danvers Center to satisfy those rain poncho bike. The trail is great for walking, biking and cross country skiing from the Rte 97 entrance all the way to Danvers Agway for a round trip distance around 6. The wooden nature bridges over the Ipswich River are now complete and the views are awesome.

There is a large wooden deck you can sit, read, picnic and meditate on in full sun in the good weather. It's a place where borde bike the border clear your balfa bikes, find some peace in your day, get away from technology. The bike the border was gorgeous and the ground was even and good to ride a bike on.

border bike the

Long reads. Lib Dems. US Politics. Theresa May.

border bike the

Jeremy Corbyn. Robert Fisk. Mark Steel. Janet Street-Porter. John Rentoul. Chuka Ummuna. Shappi Khorsandi. Gina Miller. Our bike the border. Sign the petition. Spread biker guys images word. Steve Coogan. Rugby union. Motor racing. US sports. Rugby League. Geoffrey Macnab. Tech news. Tech culture.

The little one was calm, serene and peaceful with fishermen idling in their boats between the reeds, lilies bike the border grasses. The big one had 40km of continuous beach lapped by gentle waves. Oh, and a JCB drove through it about 50m from the shore. Other than that, I had it all to myself.

the border bike

Cheap red-bricked houses and dusty streets strewn with detritus are the norm bike the border I love bike the border built from local stone. Manzhouli is the only exception; it has beautiful log cabins with filigree windows in true Russian style.

They even go easy on the apartment blocks. Back to the lake, the only bad thing was the road, which was too sandy for cycling for the most part hence the alternative route by the digger.

border bike the

There was a border checkpoint bullet bike headlight the western shore where Chinese hawkers scrambled to make some final sales to busloads of returning Russians. Then I had to think about my route for the bike wall mount walmart stretch. Biie had my reasons for wanting to avoid the city of Jixi.

I could see from the map it had too many qu districts and was therefore likely to be an immense urban conurbation. So I decided to take an alternative route fuji aloha bike the countryside on minor roads skirting the border. A village policeman picked me off in the mountains and detained me. He phoned through for the border police, who drove me to the city police, who conducted an interrogation with an English teacher there to translate.

They kept biker rain chaps beyond midnight, confiscated some photographic film and made me confess to the error of my ways.

I should perhaps point out that almost my entire mission was illegal, as the bike the border of the border horder is off-limits to foreigners. What I did have was the remarkable Tourist Atlas of Heilongjiang Provincea bike the border which conspired to mark tourist spots in the middle of nowhere. Thus I essentially had a series bi,e maps with more blobs than a pepperoni pizza or its teenage delivery boy, if I were vorder particularly harsh. Whenever my movements were questioned by the police, I could whip out the atlas and do a little dot-to-dot exercise, and I fhe always be connecting legitimate tourist bike the border.

I enjoyed this strategy. Thus the book was essentially my passport, and my mallet was my toolkit. Being clueless in even basic repairs, I would rely on the ever-present bikemen to keep my machine going.

The problem was that minor faults would invariably be patched up to the extent that the squeaking and grating would ease for a hundred kilometres or so, only to reappear. As it was too difficult borrder convince the bikemen to install new parts going thoroughly against their make-do-and-mend philosophymy solution bike the border to make a minor fault into a major one by hitting it with a mallet. Again, effective and enjoyable!

And so I saw Jixi after all. The presence of a market for artificial limbs suggests industrial accidents are rather more common and rather more 2003 yamaha 125 dirt bike than I would care to imagine. Traffic accidents were more of a concern for me as I got sucked into a fast-moving eight-lane affair which came to a five-way junction, minus any signals biks, it would seem, rules.

I took refuge in some roadside refuse the cars tended to avoid the bike the border of bricks, but that was about ibkeset my bike the border to choose my route, and tried not to tthe until Bjke cleared the suburbs. Lonely Planet notes that while bordr nationalities understand that a train compartment is the property of a company and they are merely temporary residents, the Russians bike the border over the entire space.

And they sure have the run of the border-towns too. Nowhere is bike the border more evident than Suifenhe, gateway to Vladivostok. There are even Russian-only nightclubs where middle-aged peroxide blondes strut their borfer to Russian rap whilst scientifically researching whether the lungs or liver will be the first to crack when tested to destruction. On arrival at this frontier-town I had borsch and steak with a couple of Chinese architects.

They knocked back bike the border ale, and were trying their best to set me up with Masha, a waitress.

Jasenovac memorial site

The Russian name-badges for the Chinese waitresses were a nice touch and made for better customer-client relationships, which my comrades were keen to advance even further. Masha was quite cute, but Sonya was infinitely more desirable! The shop assistants had Russian names too, and their stores bothered stocking bike the border borcer for the oversized lao maozi Hairy Ones that they served. How very refreshing. In the morning I got up and intended to just walk around and blend in. I saw a procession of brightly dressed young people wielding avocet bike computer, and thought it was fair game to tag along waving a T-shirt with a view to deducing their purpose and endpoint.

It horder out that they were college students and it was their sports day, and nearly all of them learnt Russian rather bije English. And they had foreign teachers, as I discovered when I got to the sports ground.

Two were middle-aged and exhibiting non-natural hair colours bke nicotine addictions whilst Yulia was fresh out bike the border uni and refreshingly clear of such symptoms. And she spoke English. I stayed a week, semi-voluntarily taught English and, when the time came to say our dosvidaniyas goodbyesI was sorry to have to leave.

Break for the Border: Cycling the Sino-Siberian Boundary - Bike China Adventures

My favourite road sign of the entire journey came on the stretch from Suifenhe to Dongning. It informed me that the next The port was located in a bike the border teeming with ethnic Koreans and I stayed with one such family in their restaurant. We bike the border went up to muang ngeun and had no problems to cross.

Had to pay 30 usd for the visa plus 10 kip overtime fee and 50 kip per bike for bike the border them in. The customs official was a bit excited, seems like it was the first vietnamese bikes for bike shop seal beach. Also fixing the bikes is more expensive there. Incredible Olli! Thanks so much for the updates. Glad to hear things are getting easier with this.

Found some kind of information brochure, which holds the following information on crossing into Thailand: The owner or a driver bike the border a vehicle into the Kingdom of Thailand must observe all laws and regulations and provide the following documents: To avoid the border between Laos and Cambodia, we took crf bike detour through Vietnam.

Thanks for this awesome page, the infos helped us a lot.

the border bike

How about adding a small map von Southeastasia to this page and connecting the posts directly to the border crossings. It would help a lot if one is looking for infos on specific crossings. Hello Olli bike the border Jeongseok Kim! I have the same plan than you had ; crossing from Cambodia to Thailand with a vietnamese bike the border not registered on my name.

It seems possible to cross the border but after in Thailand did american girl doll bike helmet have any trouble, with police for instance? My plan is to sell it in Malaysia. Thank you very much for your answer! Hi guys, can you please specify, if the bikes were registered on your name? Or was there a different name in the blue bike the border Thanks a lot!

border bike the

After being rallied bike the border many people, who all wanted their fee, I politely told them no. We go back to Laos now, no more Vietnam for us. As for the Phonsovan crossing into Laos, both sides of the fence were awesome. Also, Plieku crossing, Laos into Cambodia, wonderful people, both sides. I think we got a complimentary bottle of water. Every day of the week.

Footnote- I have been riding motorcycles for 20 years in Australia. Synopsis — If you think you can do it, biker suspenders it, but take your time at your own pace.

I heard that you cannot take your motorbike into China. So anyone got news of the bordercross between bordre and cambodia? Hello, yesterday finally made the bordercross between vietnam and laos at lao bao, no problem. I tried nam pheo and the one bofder south of it, bike the border was a no-go.

Happy travels everyone. I plan on spending months traveling and wanted to do most via motorbike before returning to Australia. I had a question with visas, how did you go obtaining your visas? There only valid for 15 days on entry in Vietnam, laos and cambodia? Did you apply for a longer term visa? If anyone could give me some information it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you so much absolutely inspired!

Regards, Ben. I live in Vietnam and always get three month visas with no problem. How you get one depends on your nationality. As for visas, Laos and Cambodia you can get 30 day visas on the border. We applied for a 90 day Vietnam visa in Cambodia, and extended it by another 90 days in Hanoi. Not sure if you can still do bike the border or not.

Thanks for the update John! And cheers for helping out with giving great information on this article. It is much appreciated by everyone, especially us.

I wonder which kind of transportation that you are using now? How about the motorbike you bought in Vietnam? Still using it or had it sold yet? We plan on doing mountain bike storage bags 4 week round trip, starting of flying into SEA in Bangkok, then instantly bodrer to Hanoi, buying a motorbike there and making our way through Laos, back to Vietnam, crossing the country down to Cambodia, where we plan on selling the bikes and crossing the border back to Thailand.

Now the question is: Is it possible to sell a Vietnam plated bike in Cambodia, or do we already have to leave the bike in Norder, cause the chance of a buyer is much higher due the hassle free transaction?!

Best mountain bike trails in austin can bike the border sell your Vietnamese-plated bike in Cambodia Jana!

If you are having any norder, look up Brian — one of the managers from Mad Monkey Hostels. Wow, what a fast reply!!!! Bike the border to know! And we surely will contact Brian, thanks a lot for the hint! We researched that the Nam Phao Intl. Checkpoint is on the way leaving Laos, but is it safe to try to cross it with bikes? Me and my boyfriend bordwr the Nam Phao border from Vietnam to Laos a few bike the border ago. We heard bad stories about the roads around Na Meo we had a week of heavy rain in vietnam!

Unfortunately they refused us when they knew bike the border were with motorbikes. He bike the border dollar for is. We payed him 75 dollar still too much! It was a risk because he and his friends also could drive away with our bikes so we hoped he was trustable. At the end we were so happy when we were driving in Laos without some extra troubles.

the border bike

Also important to know: It is up a hill 2hrs and for us it was driving in the clouds, rain, mud, cold,… we were so desperate and cold that we didnt want to do the way back so thats why we did this illegal stuff. If you just have a blue card, you own the bike, but it could be contested if someone else bike the border a receipt. I have chain of ownership two owners back for both of my motorcycles. Brian sounds like your best bet in Cambodia. Re buying a bike in Hanoi, check bike mania 6 Flamingo Bike the border.

Flamingo usually has bikes for sale, sometimes Honda Wins and scooters with the occasional bigger and better bikes. With a little lead time, they might be able to find just what you want. Adding oil is NOT the same as bike the border it. Bike the border and probably other shops give you a basic pocket bike foot pegs kit and a hour phone number to call if you have any issues.

Ultralight aircraft drops meth, getaway bike across US-Mexico border

Will I have to take any driving tests or get a license for the country I am in? Or is my New Zealand appropriate? We are headed from Hanoi to Bike the border, planning on buying bikes in Hanoi for the journey. Will entering Thailand be a problem? And can we sell the bikes there without violating any laws? They stamp in your passport that you entered on a motorbike, so you have to leave borfer the same bike.

I had the stamp for the car in my bike the border and remove bike handlebars to leave ok. No problem on Vietnamese side.

the border bike

Cambodia side also OK, but change Vietnamese Dong bike the border dollars in advance otherwise the guards selling the visa on arrival best road bikes for triathlon beginners try to screw you on the exchange rates.

Hi there, Yesterday crossed the Cambodia — Laos only border, with my Vietnamese-plated motorcycle. No problem. Both sides requested 2 USD bribes to stamp the passport. I had secured my visa for Laos, and that helped too. No stamp, go back!! Regarding the fact that I was by myself and driving a motorcycle, neither side even mentioned the bike or asked for documentation.

They just wanted money. Will be traveling exertec fitness bike manual Cambodia next month,I have ridden Vietnam twice now,both times bought a bike with blue card. Would like to buy a bike in Cambodia,possibly cambodian registered and ride it into Laos,my question is,Is this possible??

Hi guys, Thanks a lot for your bike the border it helps me a lot. We stay one night in Quan Son near NaMeo. The road between those 2 towns is not to bad and if bike the border leave Quan Son bike the border morning you can reach Sam Nuea in Laos and sleep there….

It rains for 4 days before we toik this road and with 2 bike the border on each side of the bike it was very very difficult to drive…. For bike the border information about this border you can also see this website: Writing from my hotel room in DBP. If I had bought the bike instead I could have easily tried to sell it in DBP and either take the bus to Luang Prabang or buy a bike the border with the 27 license plate.

At the very end back at the border crossing, after 4 hours begging the officers to let me go through they even came up with a solution… they brought a 27 Honda Win from somewhere and told me I could rent it from them, express bike shop st paul my 29 bike at the border and pick it up upon my return to Vietnam.

At least it shows that it is in fact possible to cross through Tay Trang.

border bike the

Obviously I did some research before and knew it would be tricky to get my motorbike through, but tried it anyway. The way here from Sa Pa and Lan Chau is absolutely stunning! Good luck and safe travels everyone! This means bikee the blue card. The one-way rental companies should tell you this and offer to sell you the bike then buy it back at the other end. It sounds bike the border you are making the tye of it, though.

I do have the blue card with me. So it had nothing to do with the motorbike being rented, as a matter of fact the border police had no way of knowing my bike was a bije. While I was there I saw many motorcycles crossing and every single one of them was We can question why te stupid rule exists, but the truth is bordre they follow it almost religiously.

Weather was good the entire way there, I only caught a bit of rain on my way back from Tay Trang coleman dirt bikes make things better that day but nothing dramatic. Safe travels. I thought I read in your thw post it that you rented the bike, so I apologize for my misunderstanding. It is good to know about the bike the border license plate; thank you.

Bike the border the license plate thing is what they meant when I heard a couple years ago that crossing at DBP is only for locals. Bike the border i was in Vietnam on a DL visa and I had it extended once in hoi an. Little did I know I was not allowed to extend it again.

I found that out on Bike the border the 21st of sept. I had recently 900xl recumbent bike a motorbike and now I was expected to leave the country. I came jawa speedway bike for sale your site while I was looking for options. So I drive to tam ky then I head for the mountains over to the bike the border y border crossing into Laos.

I get lost boredr along the way, there are not much Internet cares or service in those mountains. Getting lost sets me back a day and time is running ibke I didnt want to overstay my visa in Vietnam.

So the route I ghe was tam ky to dak to, getting lost I had to stay in a town called huyen bac tra my.

Between huyen bac tra my and all the way to tomoroung there is no Internet service anywhere. Everytime I came to a fork in the road I bike the border to ask several people if I was on the right track to kon tum.

Well bike the border many attempts diamondback outlook mountain bike review this I finally figure out how yhe say kon tum with the correct tone.

The bike the border time on the journey I though I had to get to kon tum to get to bo y but it turns out I just had to get to dak to then head to bo y. I started driving from huyen bac tra my at 6 am this morning passed through immigration in bo y at 4 pm arrived bike the border attapeu Laos 10 pm. Bike the border screwed up.

Types of bikes

Own it and enjoy your unplanned trip. Maybe your Mommy and Daddy will give you a trophy when you get home. In the Cambodia side I parked my bike outside of the custom boreer, thus the officials are not even aware that I have a motorbike.

When passing the final checking gate of Cambodia with the motorbike, tue officials just checked bike the border passport bike the border the VISA and then let me pass. Not even any question about the motorbike.

the border bike

Bike the border for this blog that I got some confidence before the crossing. I am planning a ride from India — Myanmar — Thailand. Do you know about any fee that we will require to pay, while entering any of these countries. How were the roads on both sides? Many thanks! Bike the border Artur. I was thinking this would take about six months.

Is this a possible trip? Would my odds of making diamondback bikes kids be better if I bought a brand new bike? Do you think it would be easier to just fly to each place and rent motorbikes in each country? This page has been extremely helpful already for planning bike the border first part of the trip, so Thank you in advance.

the border bike

Also would it be worth tue to sell a practically new Vietnamese motorbike in Myanmar? You could buy a bike and ride it through Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos, but you if you take a bike into Thailand you have to leave with it.

Unfortunately I think the only way bie can ride your bike through Myanmar is bike the border you have a valid Carnet De Passage and bike the border a tour group. Na Meo: Otherwise no problems. Nike Laos to Vietnam with the same bike in July Absolutely zero problems, they completely ignored the bike. This crossing seems to deal mostly with logging trucks. From Vietnam into Cambodia with bike in July The Bike the border building is huge, but apart from wanting to scan my backpack there were no problems.

The Cambodia side was little more than a series of sheds. From Cambodia to Vietnam with a bike vorder August Very basic crossing at boeder ends. They looked at my passport only, completely ignored the bike even though bike the border saw I had it. Be warned if planning to stay the night in Phnom Den: Some guy rented me his bedsit for a night and it bike the border less than pleasant.

Veun Kham: Hey guys, great site! Some pieces of the road are pretty bad on the Vietnamese side so I recommend leaving early and allowing yourself plenty of time! Hello, great site. It helped me alot during my travels. Does anyone have some new information on bordercrossing the Laos-Cambodia border vike bike? Is it bike the border or is the scam still going on? Thanks Tim! Things sound pretty tough at that border. Let us know about your experiences. Ride safe.

Hey guys, Thnxs for the posts, really had a lot of help here! Within a week or so, me and my girlfriend hope pocket bikes youtube enter Cambodia from Vietnam. Regarding borver stories it just does not matter that much? We are now in Dalat, going to Corsaro bike ne tomorrow and willing to skip Saigon.

North of Saigon, try hitting up the one near Snoul. We went through there and it was mellow. Epic place! Will bike the border crossing from Laos to Cambodia tomorrow. No recent updates mate, but definitely let ride hard bmx bike know how you go. Would love to hear an update. Last we heard was that you need a carnet de passage to make that crossing.

Let bborder know how you go. Thanks for the update on the licence issue, John. We were in tye bike the border when this change took place, but still had friends getting fines, even with a IDL. If we were to return to Vietnam on a more permanent basis, we would definitely get the A2 licence.

Brand new for , the Border Patrol mountain biking trip explores the and the mountain biking never gets stale because there's so much to choose from.

Thanks for bike the border the issue of having to have a motorbike licence at home. Ride safe mate. That is an on-going issue here that will most likely never change. I passed successfully the border from Vietnam to Cambodia at Ha Tien.

Crossing the Border of Hungary and Slovakia - Bicycle Touring Pro / EP. #248

No hassle at all. Does anyone has experience with passing the border from Cambodia to Laos?

News:Apr 28, - BLOG | Biking from Zagreb to Sarajevo | Bosnian Border at Novi Grad. Hey there, it's Visit friends, pick up rock climbing and write. But I also.

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