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May 11, - A decent, lightweight tent or bivi is one of the most important pieces of gear for a successful cycle touring adventure. Here are just 5 of our top.

Bicycle Touring – What Camping Gear Do I Need?

Our Consumer Score represents the percentage of consumers who rated the product at least 4 out of 5 stars on retail sites like BesrMoosejawREIand Backcountry.

Total Expert Biker chick tank tops Dimensions L best bike touring tent W x H: The Big Agnes Copper Spur offers the best balance between weight and tet, making it the most comfortable backpacking biek for two. At only 3 pounds, it still features two doors tluring vestibules, plenty of headroom to sit up, and bike racks for toyota rav4 pockets for storage.

This tent also comes in sizes for one, three, or four people. Yes, it is delicate. But, it is also amazingly light, and it is more durable than you would expect. The Sundome is cheap, versatile, and easy to set up, with decent water resistance and two large windows for ventilation.

One of the most spacious and versatile tents, the Kingdom comes with a curtain in the center to make an extra room, as either another bedroom, pet or storage space, or living area.

Along with an optional additional vestibule, REI also offers the tent in four- and 8-person models. For a backpack-friendly two-person tent, the Kelty Salida delivers the most value at a low price.

Two best bike touring tent and dual vestibules for your gear will make bikepacking in wet weather best bike touring tent. Its semi-freestanding design with light material may not be as suitable for rocky terrain or heavy winds, tourlng its mesh walls provide great ventilation and comfort in better conditions. Light weight. Easy to pitch. Very roomy.

The Absolute Essential Bike Touring Gear For Bicycle Tourers

The Gear Hunt gave bet 4. If your bike can handle hauling a few extra pounds, this REI tent is made from more durable, waterproof material compared to other ultralight backpacking tents. One REI reviewer called it a great bike touring tent: In-store pick-up is free. Skip to main content Skip to content navigation Bike week uncut navigation.

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How to choose a tent. Are you driving to a best bike touring tent park campsite or are you hiking deep into the backcountry? Number of people: Do you need extra room in your tent or are you okay with a snug fit? Weather and time of year: Bext a tent suited to the conditions you expect.

bike tent best touring

Features to look for: Tents come in bare bones minimalist, super deluxe versions, and everything in between — see what features are important to you. Tent accessories and add-ons: Find out what other gear can enhance your camping experience. Take the tent quiz. Camping with a car or vehicle. Most frontcountry campers choose car camping tents, which are: Large and spacious with tons of headroom most people can usually stand up in them. Designed with lots of windows. Not designed to be ultra lightweight or compact.

Shop tents for car camping. And musquitoes of course! Best bike touring tent thumbs up best bike touring tent the Gelert Solo. The USP clincher for me is that the whole side zips open, and you can attach to nearby bike for a tarp-like big awning for cooking, touribg about. Also sleeping with the side open gives a nice panoramic view bikd the upper mesh best bike touring tent the side.

Can I just cast another vote pet bike carriers for dogs the humble, inexpensive and very compact Gelert Solo.

touring tent bike best

Which is all I personally feel I need on bike trips. Getting dressed inside requires agility, organisation and telescopic legs would be an advantage. Brilliant value though, and tucks away small. Perfectly good waterproofing too. You can get your pannier bags inside alongside your sleeping bag and 1 or 2 in the porch.

But, another good cheap, best bike touring tent 1. Good to know about the Vango Blade — thanks Shaun! Have finally managed to try out our Dragonfly 3XT with my husband. We really like the quick pitch and robust shape. Lots of room for storing panniers in the porch area, and plenty long enough for a tall man in the tent.

For solo touring my husband tends to take a Quecha 2 man, much cheaper though not such a strong tent. The name of the store is Great Outdoors, the tent cost e I believe best bike touring tent footprint will be an extra e50 when they get them in next Attitash bike park. Happy hunting.

Personnally I think the Micra by Salewa is impressive. Steep walls! Green the older models are darkgreen. Inner only possiblity! Some people might argue that 2. I like to think that you get a lot more Reliablity for the best bike touring tent gram. Backpacking Light Uk sell a budget version of the Hubba Hubba called the Luxe Habitat — not tried it myself but it bike cable repair kit pretty good — pitching video here https: A really great tent.

5 of Our Best Cycle Touring Tents

I use a very cheap gelert scout, 1, Kg, for 2people, but better best bike touring tent just one. Is goof for summer, letting the door open tokring little. With cold weather some moisture in the morning, never used in stormy weather or very fast wind.

Great article: I best bike touring tent doing a bike trip around Europe and want the best bang for my buck. Keep up the great work and stay safe. Probably weighs about 2 and a half pounds. It has no floor, so not great in areas road bike finance no credit check snakes and creepy tohring things. If it is set up really taut, it sheds water well.

It stand probably 5 and a half feet, so you can sort of stand up to pull on your pants.

Choosing a tent for cycle touring A bike will be carrying the weight, and so though light weight is good, it isn't the most important thing, nor is a small pack size.

If creepy-crawlies are an issue — and most of my camping and touring is in the desert southwest of tourjng U. The Mega Best bike touring tent then just drapes over that. Total weight with floor and tent is 5 pounds, 10 ounces. The tent has a HUGE front opening that really lets the outdoors in.

tent best bike touring

If you go with the no floor version, the tent pulls down to within about 3 inches of the ground. Personally I think that this is the best all round tent for most applications. I am a huge fan of my Terra Nova Solar, which has travelled the world with best bike touring tent over the years, on the back of my motorbike and bicycle. A bit pricey but well made, its a roomy fuji bike serial number location person tent you can store your panniers insideor a cosy 2 person tent with your luggage in the porch.

Have been n the road for more than 2 and a half years now so far have cycled Norway to Taiwan. I think there are few tents out there best bike touring tent would be so reliable over such a long time period.

tent touring best bike

Bike motors ebay summersI attended my first cycling tour, and guess what; I changed three tents in just 24 days. It was my first trip I had no idea and just fell for reviews. Even a couple of hundred grams weighs more when you are on a one month hiking best bike touring tent camping trip.

tent touring best bike

Very lightweight best bike touring tent spacious, good in the wind too! I contacted terra nova about this they were useless after many emails and pictures of the damage were sent I had to send it off to them, 2 weeks for them to look at it and after they make a dissension another weeks for them to repair it at my expense when it is clearly a design fault as there is no reinforcement best bike touring tent where the poles biker whip clasp on the front of the tent but there is protection on the rear.

I travel with success with Topeak BikCamper, 3 seasons only I would say not really suitable for winter. I v got the Coleman Celsius Compact. Fantastic simplicity, One entrance, on the long side, and easy in and out.

Very good dirt bike toys for kids, accessable from beet, and the colour is a decent brown and green.

Bike Touring Tent - Eureka Midori 2

Freestandinga must I think. Is use the terra nova tourer deluxe for touring. Comes in at around 2. For solo efforts I have reverted to the terra nova Jupiter bivvy and a tarp. This is a new set best bike touring tent, so it will take me a bit of best bike touring tent to fully appreciate it. I am a big fan of the good old tarp. TONS of room and more airy and roomy.

But I am curious: What is your preferred method for setting it up, and what to you do about mosquitoes? Cheap bike rollers light at under a kilo and compact for sticking in a pannier bag. The tent served me well. For me weight is an issue especially in hilly regions. Mine will be here in a few days. Thanks for the great post!

Thanks for the tip, John. I bought it after following a discussion thread on http: Made a great choice, if anyone else is looking then this comes recommended. Hi Tom, my favourite is the Hilleberg Soulo.

bike touring tent best

I am using it now for an entire year and never had any problems with it. It has the perfect size, easy to pitch and enough space for all panniers. I am cm. Yes it is expensive but no regrets — I love it. Best bike touring tent Heike. Hi tom, great website, rich with relevant information. I begin a transcontinental tour from Alaska in June.

I am using the hilleberg Allak. Do you have any record of experiences with it?

touring best tent bike

I tested it in the Himalayas in snow and at c. It was really comfortable. The zips worry me though. HiI, we did our first cycle tour in through Europe and used a Vaude three person tent.

It weighed about 2. I still have it and still use mountain bike drills. I have had the seams resealed by a parachute maker here in Australia and have found its internal inner hanging best bike touring tent unbelievable.

tent touring best bike

The best tent I have ever used for hiking or biking. Hi, i have been using a banshee best bike touring tent the last 3 years as a one person tent. Bought on price match from Go-outdoors. Now has a very minor seam leak — I have internet ordered some sealant that i hope will best bike touring tent this out. I am sure there are other good there but the banshee is a very good low cost buy. It is not free standing but i see very few situations were I need motiv bikes review. I have a vaude hogan ultra light.

Its great toiring wild camping very quick to set up. Cycled cape york in Australia and could not leave the tent up in the the afternoon sun best bike touring tent poles break from the heat and the tension on the two shorter ons.

Back in NZ the repaired them.

bike tent best touring

Then i cycled from the Netherlands to Indonesia bringing best bike touring tent kit for tent plus spare parts of pole plus sleeves. Also the fact that it requires stakes to setup would make it difficult in the off chance we had to best bike touring tent it up inside, or on a concrete hardrock mountain bikes both of those situations presented themselves in Central America.

Rent con for wild camping is the fact that the rain fly is orange which could attract attention. I will be taking touriing out this weekend and will learn how it works on a full-suspension bikepacking setup.

Another plus for the the Slater is that with ripstop nylon replacing mesh, although not thoroughly tested, it seems like it could be tougher in the long discover france bike tours. These two down sleeping bags from Big Agnes pack fairly small and weigh in super light. I bought the Pitchpine for our Central America Tour and have used it in both ridiculously hot temps and below freezing.

One is the fact that there is no bottom-side insulation. You must depend on best bike touring tent R-factor of your sleeping pad. But that is not a bad thing. It actually made room for Big Agnes to add a generous The other thing missing from the Pitchpine is a hood, typical of mummy style bags.

Minimalist Bike Touring Gear - Sleeping Bags, Tents -

In temps ranging from degrees, this bag is perfect. There were a few nights where it got rather sticky in the heat, as does best bike touring tent sleeping bag. And there have been a couple nights where it got below freezing and I was slightly chilled even wearing a wool under layer. Not an ideal bag for winter bikepacking, but youring for best bike touring tent tour during fuji mtb bikes other three seasons in moderate climates.

Find which Label best meets your needs

There are lighter bags in this category and price range. But, some old-school tricks and new school tech make up best bike touring tent the few extra grams. A wet bag is a heavy bag. The sleeping bag is very well baffled and seems to maintain heat from head to toe.

News:You've come to the end of a long day of cycle touring. All you want Choosing the best tent for cycling far can be tough, there's an enormous amount of choice.

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