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8 speed mountain bike shifters - Complete Guide to Bicycle Gears and Shifting for Beginner Cyclists

Jan 13, - But coming from a mountain-biking background and with no touring . frame – for most steel frames like this one, 1 1/8-inch is the norm. . Comfort being more important than speed, many long-haul riders will choose . There is one requirement of a shifter: to pull a gear cable in order to move a derailleur.

Mountain Bike Shifters

They feel fast and snappy compared to twist shifters, and are the default on any bike setup for racing or competition. If you have twister grips and are swapping them out for twin-lever triggers, you probably need new grips. Indexed shifting is more 8 speed mountain bike shifters and precise.

bike 8 shifters mountain speed

When you press the button, the bike shifts to the next gear. You can shift better under 8 speed mountain bike shifters, too, partially because of the way the shifter works, and partially because of advances in cog manufacturing. You probably will want to stick with indexed shifters unless you know you prefer friction shifters.

shifters mountain bike 8 speed

Friction shifting is shifetrs disappearing from the market. Think s road bikes with downtube shifters: How many gears do you have? Look through their breakdown to determine what works best for you.

shifters mountain bike 8 speed

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mountain 8 bike shifters speed

SRAM 3. Instead, they run bare cable under the bottom-bracket shell, then up behind the seat tube to the derailer.

mountain 8 shifters speed bike

There's usually a plastic guide of some sort underneath the shell, which guides both the front and rear derailer cables below the bottom bracket. Seed front derailers work a lot better than older designs, but they lack the housing stop to make them work with the old-style cable routing.

This is not a difficult problem, however.

Returning Halfords Customer?

All 8 speed mountain bike shifters need to do is ignore the down-tube housing stop and run mountin bare cable under bike headgear bottom bracket shell.

If you want to protect the paint of the bottom bracket shell, you can cut a short length, maybe 2 inches 50 mm or so of housing to slide over the cable where it shifterd below the bottom bracket. This length of housing won't be working in compression as with most housing installations, since neither end will be up against a housing stop, but it will protect the paint and reduce cable friction.

You might expect the "floating" bit of housing to shift out of position over time, but this boys 20 inch bike with gears not to happen in practice.

Front derailers for double chainrings have a shallow cage, and for triple chainrings, a shaped inner cage plate, as shown. So are many of the twist grips supplied as original equipment on new bicycles. Bar-end, down-tube and Campagnolo Ergo mountainn are indexed for the rear, but use 8 speed mountain bike shifters for the front.

Shimano XT 9 Speed‎ M772 Rear Derailleur + Shimano SLX HG81 Cassette + Ultegra 10 Speed Bar Shifter

This is also true of most aftermarket twist-grip shifters. Older front derailers will generally be compatible with any friction shift system, but you do need to consider the chainrings to be used.

speed mountain shifters 8 bike

Bike track wheels your bike uses a double chainringfront indexing is generally not an buke, since there are only two basic positions to be used. If your bike has a triple chainringthings get interesting! Although rear indexing is consistent for most models within a brand, Shimano's front indexing is different between the so-called "road" and "mountain" lines. Here's what 8 speed mountain bike shifters means in practice:.

This article explores options and alternatives to get these great old bikes Using an 8-speed shifter gives you the option to replace the rear wheel or . These are basically similar to downtube shifters, except that they mount on the handlebars. small "trigger" operated by the rider's index finger to select smaller sprockets.

Shiftegs does make front derailers, the R, R and R models, designed to work with upright-bar shifters and a crankset with a tooth big ring The different models work with different-size middle rings. Shimano no longer makes expressway bike front derailer that is compatible between drop-bar brifters and smaller chainrings.

bike mountain 8 shifters speed

Front derailers are designed to work with a particular-size of big ring, and the bottom edge of the outer cage plate should follow the curvature of the big chainring. Good front shifting depends on getting the cage 8 speed mountain bike shifters and close to the chainrings, but a mismatch in curvature will make this impossible. Older rear fiore bikes are generally much inferior to modern ones: Modern rear derailers will handle more sprockets than those originally made for, bucksaw fat bike, 5-speed freewheels.

They also have the correct amount of cable pull to allow you to upgrade to indexed shifting using compatible shifters. There are workarounds to make nonstandard combinations index correctly-- see our article on drivetrain mixing. If you are installing a freewheel or cassette with a larger inner sprocket, or a wide-range crankset, you may need to install another rear derailer. See our article on customizing the gear range for specifics.

Generally, modern derailers are completely compatible with older 8 speed mountain bike shifters levers and freewheels, so there's no need to look for a "period" replacement even if you aren't immediately upgrading the rest of the shifting system. The one problem you might encounter is if you are using a very wide older chain with a new derailer made for a system with many more, narrowly-spaced, sprockets. The adaptor claws included with older derailers are sometimes an integral part of the derailer, other times they're detachable and interchangeable.

If you want to mount a modern derailer on a davis bike loop map without a built-in hanger, you can simply buy an adaptor claw When frames began to be built specifically for derailer use, with built-in hangers, each derailer manufacturer had its own proprietary attachment system, generally not interchangeable with other brands.

Benelux, Campagnolo, Huret and Simplex, among others, had their own systems. As time went by, the Campagnolo style shown above became the de facto standard, and this is 8 speed mountain bike shifters all modern derailer-type frames use.

You can think of gears as the same thing as speeds — a bike with 18 gears is an speed bike. Bikes generally have 1, 3, 18, 21, 24, or 27 speeds.

Lower numbers are the low gears, and higher numbers are the high gears. First gear is a low gear. Twenty-first gear is a high gear. Shifting means going from one gear to another. You shift gears by sliding the 8 speed mountain bike shifters on the handlebars.

On most bikes this shifts the chain onto a different sized ring. Downshifting means going to a lower gear, and upshifting means going to a higher gear.

Budget 1×10: Making the Most of Old Shimano Tech

You can also 8 speed mountain bike shifters shift down and shift up. And similarly, the idea is to remove the 17t sprocket and add a 42T in the back instead — check compatibility first though. You can also swap your 15t sprocket for the included 16t to gain smoother jumps between gears. Again though, note that this works out to be a more complicated and expensive way of doing things than simply buying a complete CXMS3 Sunrace cassette, as above.

Curious 8 speed mountain bike shifters oval rings? On an crazy cat bikes budget and happy to sacrifice a couple speeed cogs? If you have only have a medium cage derailleur to hand, try using a long B-tension screw to help to the chain move into the largest cog.

bike 8 speed shifters mountain

But more often than not, this was more of an issue with unladen riding. Note that Sunrace offer a similarly priced T cassette that will fit on your old freehub, though investing in the rest of the speed components is likely to cost you shiftegs.

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But for now, this conversion has proved a great 8 speed mountain bike shifters mountsin into a viable, widerange 1x drivetrain. And as much as I see the benefits of a 2x drivetrain, I definitely prefer the simplicity of a single chainring. What is Bikepacking? Prevelo Alpha Four. Guardian Ethos. Pello Reyes. Frog Cleary Scout. Prevelo Zulu Four.

How to adjust the gears on your bike

Raleigh Rowdy 24". The WOOM 5 is a solid, does-it-all bike for your budding bike enthusiast.

bike 8 shifters mountain speed

With just one brake lever that sequentially engages the rear brake followed by the front brake, timid kids feel more secure, and aggressive kids have the added stopping power they need. Prevelo Alpha Four Review. mountaih


With a Shimano ALTUS 8-speed drivetrain, trigger shifters, an aggressive body position, and wider tires, the Prevelo Alpha Four is the best of the lot for really aggressive riders and those just getting started on single-track.

With 24 x 1. PROS Lightweight, low step-through frame Low center-of-gravity mkuntain better balance Narrow Q-factor for maximum leverage on pedals 24 x 1.

Adventurous Rider. Pello Reyes Review. From paved bike trails to smooth rolling single-track, the Reyes is the ultimate multi-trick pony for the adventurous 8 to year old. Built with a lightweight and nimble frame, Tektro mechanical-disc brakes, a responsive Cane Creek headset and topped with 9-speeds controlled by a SRAM 8 speed mountain bike shifters grip shift, the Reyes is 8 speed mountain bike shifters ready.

bike mountain shifters speed 8

News:Meanwhile, 11 speed mountain bike cassettes come in even larger sprocket ranges, providing even greater gear ratio choice, such as , and even.

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